Outsunny Soft Canopy Gazebo Review

The Outsunny Soft Canopy Gazebo has a 2-tiered canopy with venting for all kinds of weather. The fabric in the canopy and the curtains is durable and easy to clean. This is a great gazebo for outdoor events or everyday use.

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Features of the Outsunny Soft Canopy Gazebo

  • Vented canopy
  • Weather-resistant fabric
  • Zippered curtains
  • Steel Frame
  • Six stable posts
  • Spacious square footage

Weather-Resistant Fabric

The canopy fabric on this Outsunny gazebo is made of a polyester that is resistant to all kinds of weather. It provides cool shade while protecting itself and the occupants from harmful UV rays.

It’ll stop the rain from falling on your guests as they sit in comfortable outdoor furniture. There’s no reason that your party has to head indoors just because of a passing summer shower. They’re quick to pass, and your guests can continue having a good time outside while the rain passes.

Steel Frame

The frame of any gazebo has to be able to withstand high winds, downpours, and the harsh rays of the summer sun. It has to do all this without being worn down by the elements. Outdoor furniture and structures have to be prepared properly to avoid rotting or rusting. They’ll sit outside constantly, so they have to be made for outdoor use.

Powdered steel is a process where high-speed steels are shaped and compressed into a form that is harder and tougher than regular steel. It has a high wear resistance. It also has a high temp strength.

The posts and frame of this gazebo are made with powdered steel. You’ll never have to worry about the frame bending or breaking. More concerning for outdoor furniture is the flaking of paint, which results in rust. The frame is made from materials that don’t include a coat of paint.

The frame of this gazebo has 6 posts for added stability. That’s 6 points where it’ll hold the top in place against all kinds of wind gusts and torrential downpours. You could even anchor this frame permanently for year-round coverage.

Zippered Curtains

The gazebo comes with curtains at every one of the 6 posts. The curtains are zippered, so you can use them to keep bugs out of the space. They won’t blow open in the breeze allowing bugs into the outdoor room.

The curtains are great for privacy, too. And the same reasoning applies. The person seeking privacy in the gazebo won’t have to worry about it opening in the wind. This could be used as a changing room near your pool during parties. After people have changed, it can be opened up to be enjoyed as a place to gather.

Vented Canopy

The canopy is double vented at the top. This helps the canopy during windy days. When you don’t have a canopy with venting, the wind will gather beneath the fabric. With nowhere to go, the wind will force a huge amount of pressure on the underside of the roof. That can lead to serious problems. It could rip from the undue pressure. It might even be lifted and tossed about if there’s a huge amount of wind.

This canopy also has drainage holes. The leak holes will help direct the rain, so it doesn’t fall from the edges of the canopy. That creates messy puddles everywhere. When you direct the rain, it can actually be controlled and gathered in certain areas.

Spacious Square Footage

The gazebo is 9.75 feet in length, 13 feet wide, and 8.75 feet high. This leaves you an incredible amount of living space under the canopy. You can add your favorite outdoor couches and chairs to the gazebo.

It’s like adding an entire room to your home that can be enjoyed for all 4 seasons depending on the type of weather you get in your neighborhood. If you get serious snow accumulation, it might be a good idea to store the canopy until the snow is done. Otherwise, you can always enjoy your gazebo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Outsunny Soft Canopy Gazebo weigh?
The shipping weight of the gazebo is 77 pounds. It weighs approximately 70 pounds when it’s all set up.

Are there directions for assembly?
There are detailed directions included in the box. You’ll need a few people to help you stretch the canopy and assemble the structure.

Can the curtains be removed?
You don’t have to use the curtains if you would rather make your own choices. It’s a simple matter of not attaching the curtains during assembly. They’re beautiful zippered curtains that are easy to clean, too.

Final Thoughts

The Outsunny Soft Canopy Gazebo is a beautiful addition to your backyard. It has a weather-resistant, vented canopy with drainage holes. The side panels are zippered for privacy. It’s a gazebo you could use for a breakfast area, entertaining friends, or your next big event.

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