Outsunny Aluminum Hardtop Gazebo Review

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The Outsunny Aluminum Hardtop Gazebo is a lovely structure that will protect you and your guests from the sun and rain. It’s a medium-sized gazebo that can cover your hot tub or be used as an outdoor extension of your home’s living space. During the summer, you might never head back indoors at all.

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Features of the Outsunny Aluminum Hardtop Gazebo

  • Sturdy frame
  • Curtains for privacy
  • Mosquito netting
  • Hardtop canopy
  • Step-by-step instructions

Sturdy Frame

This frame is made from hard aluminum that’s been powder coated for durability. We’ve found that many outdoor furniture pieces are powder coated to make them even more resistant to all weather conditions.

They can be blasted by high winds, heavy rain, and even snow. They’ll keep their finish and won’t chip or flake. When your outdoor furniture’s paint chips or flakes, the metal underneath can rust. That won’t be a concern with powder coating since it’s incredibly durable.

A durable, sturdy frame is vital in a structure that will stand outside day after day. Whether you put this on a deck or place it directly into the yard, it won’t bend or break. It’s heavy enough that it won’t wobble or move even if there’s strong winds out there. You’ll be confident with this gazebo out in your yard – not checking every half hour to make sure it hasn’t flown off in the wind.

Hardtop Canopy

The top of this gazebo is a hard canopy that will keep out the sun, wind, and rain. Many structures come with soft top canopies that have to be removed in the winter. This structure’s canopy can be left all year round. We would recommend that you scrape the snow off the top like you would for other structures on the property.

While it can handle some snow, you don’t want to leave three feet of snow on the roof of anything in the dead of winter. Snow can get extremely heavy and cause structural weaknesses. Otherwise, this hardtop canopy doesn’t need any maintenance at all.

Curtains for Privacy

We’ve seen many people purchase structures to enclose their hot tub or spa. The curtains for this gazebo will give you a ton of privacy. Whether you want to relax with a glass of wine at the end of the day or enjoy time with your lover, the curtains will give you privacy from neighbors.

It’s also great for use as a changing room. If you place this gazebo near your pool, the privacy curtains will instantly change this into a place where guests can put on their bathing suits.

Mosquito Netting

During the day, you can keep the gazebo open for air to flow through. It’s great for cross ventilation. As the sun goes down, you’d normally have to head inside. Mosquitoes go on the attack at night, and it can be annoying to keep slapping them away from your skin. The netting that comes with this gazebo will provide you with protection from all kinds of bugs. Instead of heading indoors at the first sign of darkness, you and your guests can stay outside and enjoy each others company.

The netting will keep bugs at bay while allowing a cool breeze to enter the gazebo. You won’t be closed off in a dark, hot space while the bugs enjoy the night air. You can even add lighting to the interior of this gazebo. While bugs might be attracted to the light, they can’t get inside to be an annoyance.

Step-by-Step Instructions

The instructions are written in a way that makes the gazebo easy to assemble. You’ll have to follow the instructions in the right order to make sure this structure is built the right way. You’ll also need some help with the assembly. This is not a gazebo that you can put together on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this gazebo weigh?
The shipping weight differs from the actual weight. The shipping weight is 93.5 pounds. The weight of the gazebo itself is 84 pounds.

Can this be set up on grass in the backyard?
You can definitely set this up on the grass outside. You can stake it into the ground permanently, too. It’s often easier than installing it on a deck.

What is the height of the roof?
The structure is 10 feet by 10 feet underneath and the height is 6′ 6” at the lowest point. It’s 8 feet at the peak.

The Outsunny Aluminum Hardtop Gazebo is a great addition to your backyard. It can easily cover your hot tub or be a place where friends and family gather. Summer nights will be enjoyable when you don’t have to slap mosquitoes away from your face, too. With this gazebo, your home will become the go-to spot for all your friends and family.

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