Outdoor Recliners

For all those assembling their indulgent backyard fantasy, we know seating is an important element to consider. Particularly, if you are going to be lounging in your backyard enjoying the outdoors, you will need a proper reclining chair which will deliver the luxury and comfort you deserve. With that said, there is no better model of chair to consider than the Zero Gravity Chair, or otherwise called the Zero Gravity Recliner. Renowned for it’s incredible comfort and impeccable ergonomic design yielding many health benefits, zero gravity chairs are an absolute must in anyone’s backyard collection.

The recliners themselves come in many varieties, shapes, and sizes. All of them are designed with the outdoors in mind, featuring strong and durable frames, as well as weather and UV resistant meshes. Despite the surprising durability (especially for the average price tag), these zero gravity chairs are also very portable and easy to maneuver around.

Outdoor Recliner Zero Gravity Chair

Depending on your taste, there are several models of recliners to choose from. If picking a luxurious chair for yourself, you can always look at the best rated individual zero gravity chairs. For those on the taller or larger side, there are always the XL versions of zero gravity recliners which have an increased seating area and can hold up to 50 more lbs!  All for more zero gravity comfort.

For social occasions, there are a number of zero gravity loveseat recliners available which two users can recline into at the same time. This is great for hanging out with a friend or partner and reclining in luxurious backyard bliss at a social gathering.

The only downside of the loveseat, however, is that both users need to share the same reclining settings on the seat. Given how absolutely comfortable the seats are, it isn’t usually a problem. However, for those that are picky about their reclining angle and settings, there are always sets of two zero gravity recliners which one can buy so that everyone can enjoy their own angle of incline and their own settings on their zero gravity recliner, thus preserving valuable friendships!

Regardless of your style or choice, do read on as we have a top listing of the best zero gravity chairs and recliners we could find. Your backyard journey isn’t complete without one! (or several!)  If you want to know what to keep an eye out for, you should definitely take a look at our review of the best zero gravity recliners out there.


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