Oakland Living Antique Pentagon Chiminea Fire Pit Review

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There are some very beautiful fire pits on the market today. Manufacturers have finally clued in and are now providing many different shapes and styles for your design and functional preference.

In many big cities, backyard firepits are illegal, as they can easily get out of control and since people live in close proximity to each other, the fire can easily spread and cause major damage.

However, everyone enjoys the old backyard fire now and again, and we all deserve to take part in that fun!

Backyard fires aren’t just for the campsite anymore, or for country living. Luckily there are portable firepits on the market, which stand upon feet so they are elevated from the ground, posing less of a hazard.

They also act as containers with fully enclosed mesh that enable you to view the fire from all angles, but can rest easy knowing the embers aren’t able to jump out and hit you or catch a piece of grass and start a fire.

While there are many options on the market, we want to make sure you have the complete and correct information on the very best chimineas available.

Today we review for you the Oakland Living pentagon chiminea.

Oakland Living Antique Pentagon Chiminea Fire Pit Review

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This chiminea is a little unusual in comparison to other ones, as it is not rounded, but rather has a five-sided shape and a flat top, with rounded lid.

It comes in a gorgeous, fiery antique bronze finish for a classic look no matter where you place it. This one is very special because it stands on five feet, which elevate the firepit enough that it does not touch the ground or grass.

This greatly reduces the risk of fire or heat damage. This chiminea is also very special because it can be used in condos, apartments, and small decks.

Each side is open mesh so you can view and enjoy the light and warmth from all angles. It is a very attractive chiminea, perfect for outdoor entertaining and cooking.

Its cast iron construction is extremely durable and will last for years to come. The best part is the high elevation that the feet provide; it will not cause heat-related damage to any surface that you place the chiminea upon.

We still recommend placing the chiminea upon a brick pedestal or a concrete patio, or any non-flammable surface so as to minimize the possibility of jumping embers or fire starting.

We recommend this to anyone living in an apartment or close quarters to other people, because it will not damage the surface upon which it stands.

We really respect a thing that doesn’t bite the hand from which it feeds, you know? You can guarantee that when you move out of your place, your landlord won’t send you a fine for having to refinish or repaint the balcony.

It comes with a pentagonal cooking grate. Did you know you can cook virtually anything in a chiminea? If you love that smoky barbecue flavour, then you will love anything cooking inside a chiminea.

It gives the same smoky flavour since the food is set upon the grate, and licked by flames to palatable perfection. It is very easy to cook anything from vegetable kebabs to meats to fish to tofu to pizza in your chiminea. If you are living in a condo or apartment, this chiminea is a good choice for your balcony or patio.

Many apartment buildings disallow the use of gas barbecues for safety reasons. Propane tanks can easily explode, and barbecue fires are known to get out of hand.

When living in close proximity to others, it is easy for embers to jump and fire to spread. With this chiminea, however, the mesh sides contain the embers while cooking your food and warming you up.

Oakland Living chiminea firepit review

It is a compact little thing, but very efficient. It measures two feet wide by just under three feet tall, with the lid. The perfect width for a small patio space!

This can even be used on the porch, on those easy summer nights when you feel like sitting out front with a nice book and a cup of tea.

The chiminea will get very hot when in use, as metal is a big conductor of heat. For this reason we recommend keeping all pets and children away! We also recommend that you yourself do not touch the chiminea! 

The Oakland Living bronze chiminea sells for around $515 and includes a poker, rain cap, log grate, and integrated cooking grate.

It weighs 117 pounds so you will need the help of another person to move and position it. It is a quality piece made from cast iron, one of the most durable materials out there.

Best of all, the company is known for excellent customer service and will keep in touch with you until you receive your item. It has lovely scrolling designs on all sides and adds a rustic feel to any yard.

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