New England Arbors Vienna Vinyl Trellis Review

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A garden just isn’t a garden without some kind of standing structure that enables plants to grow up or across.

There are a few different options for garden structures, including arbors, arches, pergolas and trellises. They all serve to add some privacy, throw shade, and act as supports for climbing plants, but there are some differences: arbors and arches are used to frame an entryway or pathway, providing something to walk under.

A pergola is a structure that covers a patio, usually built of wood, and should be installed by a professional. A trellis is used to support climbing plants and typically stands against a wall.

A trellis is an affordable structure that you can build yourself or buy readymade. They are great for creating a focal point against a wall, and because you can grow plants on them, they can be used to cover problem areas.

Today we review a vinyl trellis made by New England Arbors, pictured below.

New England Arbors Vienna Vinyl Trellis Review

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This trellis measures 83.75 inches tall and is 49 inches wide. It is very easy to assemble, creating a sturdy and attractive addition to your garden. Since it is made of vinyl, it is virtually maintenance-free. In fact, it comes with a 20-year warranty!

You will never have to stain, paint, or do anything else to this trellis. Cleaning is a simple matter of hosing it down once in a while. This is a very strong and substantial trellis that is great for training your climbing plants, made of premium weather-resistant vinyl.

You can grow tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, clematis, trumpet vine, morning glory and climbing hydrangea on this trellis, to name a few.

Not only does a trellis look great, but it frees up a lot of space in your garden by enabling you to grow upward.

white arbor backyard new england

The trellis is meant to be freestanding, but you can also mount it to a brick wall using masonry anchors.

Assembly will require two or three people, so that one person can hold it steady and make sure it’s level. The extra hands will have to keep everything lined up tightly while you secure everything into place.

The holes of the cross bars are a wee bit tight, so you can either lubricate with some dish soap or use a rubber mallet to gently tap the bars into place. Make sure your crossbars are facing the right direction.

The alignment of the holes is slightly off-centre so it will take a bit of patience to bend the crossbars into place – fear not – this is very simply accomplished. This is where the extra set of hands comes in.

Don’t be intimidated by the tight fits: this ensures the trellis will be a very sturdy thing when completed. And this is necessary since it will be outside 24/7 standing up to some rough elements and probably supporting plants.

Depending on your soil conditions, you may want to attach 2x4s to the base mounting posts, should you choose to set the posts in cement.

For example, if you live in a very sandy area, then further securing the trellis will prove to be a good choice. You should go at least a foot into the ground, unless you plan on moving the trellis one day. It will take two bags of cement mix.

You may also find that a strap clamp comes in handy for holding everything together while you secure the pieces. Some people opt for placing rocks at the base for additional security. It entirely depends upon the look you’re going for, as well as the location of the trellis.

It will take a couple of hours to put together, so set aside part of your afternoon and get a friend to help.

arbor 3

The white vinyl allows the natural beauty of your plants to stand out. Rose vines are especially beautiful on this trellis, if you are getting it for the look of the thing.

It makes for a beautiful gift, or will be a great purchase to make for your own yard. It will instantly bring a classic elegance to your yard and garden, and can act as a curtain in the sense that they can be used to cover problem areas: for example, a cracked wall or peeling paint.

(We recommend doing regular maintenance to your home rather than just covering up any problems, but the trellis does a good job of covering anything unsightly).

As mentioned, the white vinyl is maintenance-free. However, you can feel free to paint it to match any existing décor or the trim on your house.

It is a very lovely yard accessory, filling any empty space and giving it new life. Once the plants are growing on it, it will bring so much colour and life to the area.

Trellises provide the option of growing plants upward, against a wall, instead of just horizontally on the ground.

This can add very interesting visuals to your garden or add some privacy.

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