New England Arbors Vienna Vinyl Arbor Review

There is nothing quite like a well groomed yard, with gardens full of bloomed flowers, giving all kinds of sweet scents and providing a landscape of bright colours. If you’re an outdoors person, chances are you put just as much value on preparing the yard as you do enjoying it. Gardens provide beauty to any space, enriching the overall aesthetic. It has been proven that people are happier if they are surrounded by beauty (see Napoleon’s France). Not only do gardens look beautiful on their own, but they attract all kinds of life like butterflies and hummingbirds. And humans! Gardens are a great way to create a focal point or concentrated area in your yard. You can add a bench or chairs and sit back and enjoy the view. We have recently fallen in love with garden arbors, as an entryway to a garden or yard. Arbors are archways that can divide a space or provide a bit of elegance and mystery to the landscape, drawing you in to another place. They are relatively affordable and open up new possibilities for gardening, because you can grow ivy and other climbing plants along an arbor. They give a romantic, nostalgic feel to any space, especially once covered in plants.

Today we review the New England Vienna vinyl arbor.

New England Arbors Vienna Vinyl Review

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This arbor stands on four posts measuring 2 by 3.5 inches, and is constructed from sturdy vinyl. Vinyl is a very durable material that stands up to weather conditions. In fact, New England Arbors gives a twenty-year warranty with this product, guaranteeing that their vinyl does not rot, crack, warp, or yellow with time. This one is also maintenance free, an added bonus! It boasts graceful curves and nice lines, crafted with premium polyvinylchloride to have the shape of wood but to last a lifetime. So go ahead and set the landscaping standard for your neighbourhood! It is a classic look with authentic architectural detail, giving an attractive entrance to your yard.

Vienna Vinyl

There’s a 42-inch opening from inside post to inside post, giving three and a half foot width. It also stands with over 86 inches of clearance, so there is plenty of room for all sizes of people. The vinyl is weather resistant, and is maintenance free. You will never have to paint, stain, or do any kind of maintenance that would be required of, for example, a wooden arbor. You may have to give it the occasional hose-down, but that’s it! Some dirt tends to splash about during a rainfall, so just pull out the garden hose and wash it down. Its overall dimensions measure 92” high by 50” wide and 24 ¼” deep. This arbor is not meant to accept a gate but to stand on its own. If you are looking for a gate entrance to your yard this may not be the arbor for you – however, if you are putting it in the yard or like to have an open entrance then it will be perfect. It’s also a perfect arbor for a wedding altar that is sturdy and can be decorated to frame the couple while they give their vows. The vinyl has a nice, shiny finish, like a painted piece of wood. It has a very smooth finish with rounded edges, so no one (pets, children, yourself) will accidentally knock into a sharp corner and hurt themselves.

arbor viennaThere is some assembly required upon receiving the item. You will need a drill, a hammer, tape measure, level, and stool or short ladder. The posts are hollow, but they are sturdy enough to be anchored in the ground on their own. Some people like to fill them with cement but this is entirely up to you. It’s a good idea to seal the bottoms of the posts before anchoring them in so they don’t fill with water. The arbor comes with four pieces of white rail, 16” in length, which fit inside the openings of the arbor’s legs. You can then secure everything with soil or cement. There are screws that anchor the posts to the arbor. This will require a second set of hands to help with the leveling and holding the posts while you secure everything. The instructions are included, of course, and are very easy to follow. Most pieces are snap-fit assembly, making this an easy undertaking that can be assembled in an hour or less. Some people opt for caulking the joints and seams just to seal them up and prevent rainwater (or anything else) from getting in.

This arbor looks especially beautiful over a flagstone walkway or at the head of a rose garden. It is dreamy, romantic, and structural, providing a focal point and sense of magic and mystery. You can grow roses, grape vines, climbing ivy, honeysuckle, or anything else on this arbor, or leave as is.

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