New England Arbors Grande Vinyl Trellis Review

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Today we review the Grande vinyl trellis by New England Arbors. If you are looking for an easy, practical way to expand your garden and beautify your yard, a trellis just might be your solution!

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A trellis can add so much beauty to any garden or landscape, while serving practical uses simultaneously.

A trellis is a framework of open lattice upon that will stand either on its own or against a wall.

Trellises are meant to host climbing plants, guiding them up and supporting them, while containing them in a certain area or shape. As such, they can be used to hide unsightly parts of a wall or may be used to form living walls.

Any climbing plant can be grown on a trellis, but most commonly you will find hydrangea, roses, tomatoes, grapes, cucumbers, and peas, just to name a few.

With the introduction of a trellis, you now have the advantage of growing upward, rather than simply having everything on the ground. This is a great way to maximize space while beautifying the yard.

A trellis may also be strategically placed so as to create privacy or shade in the yard.

The Grande trellis is composed of polyvinyl chloride, an extremely durable material that is guaranteed to last by New England Arbors, the manufacturer. In fact, the warranty lasts twenty years.

Vinyl is a great material for outdoor use since it requires no maintenance. Traditionally, trellises would be constructed from wood, but over time, wood will become brittle, it will crack, or become infested, or rot.

Wood also requires staining and painting and occasional repair. Vinyl is virtually maintenance-free: all it requires is the occasional hose-down should it become covered in dirt.

You will never have to paint or stain it, nor will you have to worry about it cracking and rotting.

This particular model of trellis looks like a gate, and as such, would be a wonderful choice for creating a living privacy wall or for creating a focal point in your garden.

At almost eight feet tall, this trellis measures 90.375 inches tall by 54 inches wide, giving you plenty of room to grow your trumpet vine or squash!

Another benefit to growing on a trellis is the increased longevity of your vegetable garden.

When vegetables just grow in the ground, they can become tangled in the leaves, which prevents them from getting enough sunlight.

In addition, moisture collects and essentially suffocates the produce so that it rots.

There will be some assembly required of you upon receiving the item.

We recommend giving yourself a 4’ by 8’ work area, laying down cardboard to prevent the PVC from getting scratched. It is easy to assemble with the help of an extra person.

Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly and follow the diagrams exactly.

It features pre-drilled holes for easy assembly.

While it can be freestanding, it must be installed in the ground for stability, with posts going 1.5’ into the ground. This is especially important if you live in a windy area.

Be sure to tamp dirt tightly around the posts. Depending on your soil conditions, you may opt to further anchor this by installing over four by four-inch posts (or pressure-treated lumber of your choice) and cementing them to the ground.

It will need extra support if it is not going against a wall. There is no wall hardware included, so if you choose to attach this to a wall, you will have to buy the according hardware separately. Altogether it can be assembled in under one hour.

This model is purposely oversized for creating a wall of flowers, and can look very beautiful against a chimney, for example. It is very strong, sturdy enough for a vegetable garden. You may choose to place it over an unattractive wall or on the side of the porch to create privacy.

Once the plant is grown, you will see just how beautiful a trellis can be. Of course, this model is attractive on its own, and becomes even sturdier once filled with a beautiful plant.

Unlike some wooden models, that tend to be skimpy until filled with flowers, this one looks great on its own and won’t be unsightly while you wait for it to fill out. A trellis wall adds a romantic setting, something fantastical and sweet.

This particular model looks good amongst multiples of the same model, since it has a rather square shape.

Together, with many in a line, you create the effect of a fence and can be especially lovely against a concrete wall or other unsightly area, like a shed.

Not only does New England Arbors manufacture quality arbors and trellises, they are also revered for their wonderful and speedy customer service. This trellis sells for around $180.

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