New England Arbors Athens Trellis Review

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The addition of a trellis to your garden will greatly enhance the entire experience and atmosphere of the space. A trellis is a standing wall made of lattice (whether wooden or vinyl or other material) on which you may grow climbing plants, flowering vines, or vegetables.

They offer the possibility of growing a garden up and/or across, rather than just having lines of plants in the ground. This not only carries romantic aesthetic appeal, it also serves a functional purpose: to allow for maximised growing space. A trellis will save room in the garden for plants that don’t climb and need to be in the ground.

A trellis can also prolong the life of climbing plants: when plants sit directly on the soil, they can become hidden deep in the plant and are prone to rot. When they are elevated from the ground, their shelf life, so to speak, is greatly increased.

Trellises are great for plants and flowers that continue to grow and bloom until the frost. Some plants that do well on a trellis include pole beans, peas, tomatoes, roses, hydrangeas, and clematis, to name a few.

If you are looking for a trellis for your garden, let us recommend to you the Athens trellis by New England Arbors.

New England Athens Vinyl Trellis review

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This trellis has a traditional look but has modern touches to make for a sturdy garden addition. First, it is constructed from highly durable polyvinyl chloride and comes with a twenty-year warranty. It is top quality and guaranteed to hold up for years and years and years. It will never require the maintenance of a wooden trellis, like staining or cleaning.

The most you will have to do is the occasional hose-down. It is perfect for training any climbing plants, and, once the plant has climbed up some, you will find that the trellis provides additional shade and privacy, along with adding beauty to your yard. Some people opt to place a trellis on a wall with problem areas that are unattractive to look at. This particular model measures 39” wide by 77 inches in height.

There is some assembly required here. The trellis comes with anchoring stakes, as its legs are not meant to be buried. This feature makes it easy to have the trellis as a freestanding structure, giving you more design options depending on your needs and preferences.

Also, it comes with all the according hardware (screws and driver). You will need a drill to put it together, and an extra pair of hands (or two) to help keep everything tight while you drill it into place. Altogether you will need the required screws and driver as well as a drill and a helper to put this together. There are, of course, assembly instructions, too. It is relatively easy to put together. You can have it unpacked and set up in an afternoon.

Athens Trellis Trumpet Vine

Depending on your soil conditions, some people find it helpful to attach 2x4s to the bottoms of the posts and then anchoring these in cement. If you live in a very sandy area, for example, this might help keep the trellis anchored. You will want to look carefully at the directions to make sure you take each step properly.

For example, the horizontal sections of the lattice must be woven through the vertical sections. Be sure to follow the photos so you do everything correctly. It seems simple enough, but one wrong move will ruin the whole thing. The screws are self-tapping, meaning they tap/thread their own hole as they are driven into the material.

The pieces will not come apart once assembled! We recommend the helping pair of hands because you might find that during assembly, if you push one piece in, it may pop out the other side. This is because the pieces are not being held together tightly enough. Get a friend to hold everything steady or use belt clamps to save yourself some trouble and work.

Athens Climbing Hydrangea

A trellis opens up so many possibilities: not only will it keep produce off the ground and increase its longevity, but will allow you more garden space. This means you can grow more vegetables or flowering plants with your designated amount of space. Plus, a trellis adds so much beauty to any yard or space, by creating fantastical walls of greenery and bloom for an enchanting atmosphere.

This is a sturdy trellis but is lightweight enough that you can move it around your yard if you decide to change the layout. This trellis works great in a home, but can also be a beautiful backdrop for a wedding altar or photoshoots, acting as a skeleton upon which you can weave live plants or other materials (lace, twinkle lights, etc). The New England Arbors Athens trellis sells for around $100.

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