Mr. Heater MH 18B Portable Indoor-Outdoor Propane Heater Review

Today we review Mr. Heater MH18B portable propane heater that can be used both indoors and outdoors. 
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While we’ve written several articles on how to winterize your patio and backyard furnishings for the winter season, there are those of us who like to party outdoors all year round. We support this winning attitude. Why should the weather stop you having a good time?

The portable propane heater from Mr. Heater will empower you to enjoy the patio while it’s snowing outside. This can be very lovely for winter weddings, New Year’s parties, or outdoor Christmas dinners. We’re imagining lots of twinkle lights, a roaring fire, some candles on the tables, and this heater. This heater will warm spaces up to 300 square feet in size, making it perfect for not only outdoor use, but those large indoor spaces that get a bit draughty in the winter season. This heater is of course approved for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can rest assured it will carry you through. It is clean burning and nearly 100% efficient, except in places that are 7000 feet above sea level, where it may shut off. Not many people party this high in the sky, but if you have a cabin up in a mountain, for example, we recommend relying on plain old fireplaces to keep you warm!

A great feature of this space heater is that it will automatically shut off if tipped over. This added safety feature gives the user complete peace of mind, as it poses low risk of fire. As well, it will shut off if the pilot light goes off, or if it detects low oxygen levels in the air.

To use it, you simply hook it up to a propane tank. The propane tank is not included with the purchase of the heater, however. Then you can set it to one of three temperature levels: low, medium or high. The control knob sets a steady temperature. Keep in mind that the propane tank is the only accessory you should use with this heater. Any other unauthorized attachments or accessories is prohibited by the manufacturer for major safety reasons, and will void the warranty.

Known as the Big Buddy, this heater takes portable heat to a new level. This radiant heater runs 4000-18000 BTU. For maximum heating efficiency, it combines radiant heat with convection air flow. This means it gives off heat but also blows it out into the space. The built-in blower fan only serves to increase the heater’s efficiency by circulating the heated air. You can confidently use this heater safely, as its safety features make it a reliable choice for heating the indoor or outdoor space.

It comes with a heavy-duty safety wire guard for added tile protection and rugged durability while travelling.

It has a four-position heat control with built-in Piezo ignition including pilot, low, medium and high. The radiant heat comes from dual ceramic burner tiles with shock-absorbing insulation. The heater includes a hose storage bay, for convenient storage of optional connection hoses up to 12 feet long. The blower fan operates on 4 D-cell batteries or with optional 6-volt A/C adapter (you will have to buy that separately). Its structure also includes a porcelain-coated reflector for extended life. Cylinder installation is made easy with a swivel regulator mount. As well, there are attached swing-open cylinder hatch doors to add extra protection and styling. It connects directly to two 1-pound cylinders. It’s the ideal solution for heating enclosed spaces like a cabin.

You can purchase a single hose and filter, and have the ability to adapt usage from disposable cylinders to a remote gas supply. To light the unit, you just have to push and rotate the knob. The built-in Piezo sparking mechanism will take care of the rest.

This is a mighty powerful unit, so how big is it? It measures 18.5” x 18” x 11.4” and weighs 11 pounds. Remember that it requires 4 D batteries to operate.

Since it is heated by propane, we do not recommend sleeping with the heater on. Sleeping with any open flame or leaving an open flame unattended is not wise and can lead to serious fire damage and injury. If you are not going to use the heater for 24 hours or more, you can turn off the propane tank and burn off the last of the propane in the hose. You can do this by turning the heater on low, turning the tank off and letting the heater continue burning, and this will use up the propane that’s in the hose. When the heater runs down, you will know the propane is burned off and you can turn off the heater.

Two 1-pound tanks will last two hours on high, 4 hours on medium, and 8 hours on low heat.

While it comes with a low-oxygen level sensor, we recommend using a carbon monoxide detector with it, or anywhere you have a gas/liquid fuel heater. It’s a great thing to have on hand for winter power outages, too, since it runs on batteries.

This heater sells for around $150.

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