Mr. Bar-B-Q 18-Piece Tool Set with Case Review

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When you’re ready to head into the backyard, flip open the grill, and start those beautiful flames, you should be arming yourself with a set of barbecue tools that are worthy of your grilling skills.

The Mr. Bar-B-Q 18-Piece Tool Set with Case has so many tools made of durable stainless steel. Before this tool kit, you might have reached for a tool only to remember that you don’t even have it. You have everything you could possibly need for your grilling with this tool set.

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Pros of the Mr. Bar-B-Q Barbecue Tool Set

  • Stainless steel tools
  • High quality utensils
  • Long handled
  • Sturdy case

Cons of the Barbecue Set

  • Tools are heavy

Technical Specs

  • Stainless steel
  • Product weight is 6.82 pounds
  • Handle length is 6 inches
  • Overall 7.76” x 19.92” x 3.39”
  • 18-piece tool set

First Impressions

We love that this tool kit comes in a sort of attache case. This makes it appear to be a truly professional barbecue tool set. You could purchase this for yourself or for a housewarming gift.

We like the idea of presenting this as a gift to someone who loves to cook on the grill. It has everything this person could need to grill up a storm, and they’ll definitely invite you to dinner in the future!

Mr. Bar-B-Q

The Mr. Bar-B-Q company is a division of Blue Rhino, which you’ve probably heard of since they are well-known for their grilling propane tanks.

The Mr. Bar-B-Q company has over 400 products for the griller including Beer Can Chicken Roasters, deluxe grilling tool sets and grill stone pizza sets. All their products can be used with charcoal, propane, or electric grills.

18 Pieces in the Tool Set

The set includes everything you could possibly need the next time you’re manning the grill. Along with the large fork, tongs, and basting brush, there’s a 4-in-1 spatula.

One side of the spatula is sharp for small cutting jobs while the other side has teeth. We don’t really know the real purpose behind the teeth, but we assume you can do some damage to meat with this side.

It can be used to tenderize beef, poke holes in sausages or hot dogs before explosion, or scoop things like vegetables off the grill.

There are stainless steel skewers and a sharp knife with this tool kit, but our favorite part of this tool set are the corn holders. There are 8 corn holders in this kit.

A backyard barbecue isn’t complete without corn-on-the-cob that’s dripping butter all over your fingers.

Durable Carrying Case

The carrying case is made of a durable aluminum that can put up with a lot of abuse. When you’re going camping or heading to the park to grill, this can be tossed in the back of the truck alongside the portable grill. You don’t have to forgo utensils because you’re bringing the grill outdoors.

If you have an RV or a travel trailer with a kitchen, these tools are great for cooking in the vehicle. They’re conveniently packed when you want to take them camping with you, too. You might want to purchase two sets. One could be for travel while the other can be used in the backyard.

Stainless Steel Tools

When you do a lot of grilling, you want utensils that can stand up to some serious abuse. You shouldn’t be worried that the grilling tools will bend or break when you’re using the fork to grab a slab of steak. You want the handles to be long enough, so you don’t burn your hands, too.

These grilling tools are made of a durable material that can stand up to hours of heat and work. The basting brush handle is long enough that you won’t end up with burnt fingers as you brush sauce on the meat.

The skewers can be used directly on the grill without worry, too. If you’ve ever used wooden skewers, you know that no matter how much you wet them, they’ll end up scorched and burnt. That will never happen with these stainless steel ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the tools dishwasher safe?

Some customers report putting them in the dishwasher, and they came out without damage. Others prefer to wash them by hand. You’ll have to decide what works best for you.

Does the case come inside a box for easy gift wrapping?
There’s a cardboard box for delivery. You can keep the cardboard and use paper to wrap around the barbecue case to keep the contents a surprise.

The Mr. Bar-B-Q 18-Piece Tool Set with Case has high quality, stainless steel tools that can put up with a ton of abuse. Not that you’re likely to beat on the utensils, you’ll still want a set of tools that are hardy and able to work in high heat without issue.

These tools are perfect for your backyard grilling needs as well as providing a travel case for those who love to grill when they go camping.

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