Mosaic Outdoor 6-Piece Folding Patio Dining Furniture Set Review

There are many things to consider when looking for the right set of patio furniture. What are your needs? Do you entertain a lot of people or do you plan to just have family dinners on the patio? Is it just you and your partner? Do you want furniture that you can remove during winter, or furniture you can pack up and take with you on vacation? As well, you must consider the amount of space you have, and surrounding landscaping or décor themes. There are many sets on the market, but they all have different qualities that work for different households.

Mosaic 6-Piece Patio Set

Today we review the six-piece patio dining set by Mosaic. It is a humble set that is perfect for a small deck or patio, and for a great price that is affordable to most people. It is a great value, as it is affordable and very durable and comfortable to sit in. It takes care of the basics, like providing comfortable seating, a sturdy tabletop to eat off of, or upon which to set your drinks or books, etc. This set includes four chairs made of sling fabric, with high backs and armrests for outdoor lounging comfort; a square table with tempered glass top; and umbrella made of polyester fabric to shield you from sunlight and rain. The umbrella will greatly improve your outdoor experience by casting shade and cooling everyone beneath it, while protecting them from sunburn and sun blindness. This is a very important factor when entertaining: making sure your guests are comfortable. Don’t force them to sit out in the hot sun without protection!

Mosaic Outdoor 6-Piece Folding Patio Dining Furniture Set Review

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In addition to providing sleek comfort outside, this set also folds up for storage and transportation, so you don’t have to leave it on the patio year-round. You can bring it indoors for protection, as well as pack it up for trips to the campsite or trailer park.

Designed For Comfort

The chairs are made of sling fabric, which conforms to the body as you sit in it. Sling fabric provides a more comfortable sitting experience, as it malleable, unlike more harsh frames like iron mesh, which force you into position. Sling chairs make it easy to forget about how you’re sitting and rather do what is comfortable and comes to you naturally. The chairs and umbrella fabric are a natural beige tone, which will blend well with existing décor or landscaping. The chairs measure 36.5” x 22.75” x 25.5”. The umbrella measures 82.7” x 78”.

There is a bit of assembly required, specifically on the table. It is very simple construction that can be finished in fifteen minutes. There are eight screws and nuts with plastic covers for them. The chairs require no assembly. Keep in mind that while assembling the table it must be upside down, which requires a lot of bending over. It can be hard on the back, so you may want some help or to sit on the ground while you do it. Once it’s all put together, this is a very sturdy patio set that you can rely on while entertaining your family and friends!

Mosaic Outdoor 6-Piece Folding Patio

A glass tabletop is nice for patio furniture because people tend to rest their hands or arms on the table, and glass does not become as hot as other patio furniture materials like iron mesh, for example. The umbrella is also a very important feature that many outdoor furniture sets do not include. An umbrella will provide shelter from the sun. The materials of this set are very easy to clean. You can simply let them sit in the rain to wash dust off, and occasionally you may wish to wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Made In The Shade

Some folks opt for using an umbrella base, which will have to be purchased separately. While the umbrella is fairly secure during wind on its own, an umbrella base will further secure the umbrella in place. This can come in handy during windier days. It may also prevent damage to the table. Also some people have found that, due to the folding nature of the chairs, they might fold in a bit or move around while you shift in the seat – so if you slide forward or back in the chair, it helps to remember to hold it steady while you do so.

This six-piece patio set sells for around $400. With its quality construction and affordable price, this set makes it very easy to vamp up your patio for the new spring season. It looks more expensive than it is! We recommend winterizing your yard and bringing the furniture into shelter for the winter, in order to protect them and prolong their lives. The chairs conveniently fold up for easy storage, and can be tucked just about anywhere in the garage or shed. The table can be disassembled and also brought inside for the winter.

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