Modenzi 5G-U Outdoor Sectional Patio Furniture Sofa Set Review

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The Modenzi 5G-U Outdoor Sectional Patio Furniture Sofa Set comes in a variety of color choices. While the resin rattan wicker is a rich brown, the cushions are available in 5 colors. The pieces are lightweight and able to be moved in a variety of configurations. Along with the chairs and couch sections, there’s a coffee table with a tempered glass top.

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Features of the Modenzi Brown Wicker Sofa Set

  • Sectional set
  • Five pieces in the set
  • Brown wicker resin
  • Thick, comfortable cushions
  • Five cushion colors available
  • Durable powder-coated frame

Five Pieces in the Set

The Modenzie Outdoor Sectional Sofa has five pieces. There are two corner pieces, 2 middle sofas, and a coffee table with glass top. The pieces include the cushions, but not the throw pillows. It’s rare that you’ll find all these pieces for such a reasonable price.

The corner chairs are 31.5” L x 31.5” W x 24.5” H. The middle chairs are 31.5” L x 27.5” W x 24.5” H. The coffee table is 31.5” L x 31.5” W x 13.4” H.

Lightweight and Modular

The five pieces of this set can be combined to provide a large, sectional sofa set that fits beautifully into your outdoor space. Whether it’s a patio, balcony or outdoor structure you’ve added into your yard, the sectional will work in the space.

Combine them, take them apart, move the pieces around to find a configuration that works for your area. You could even separate the pieces in different sections of the outdoor space. Use the couch on the patio while the chairs grace the area in your gazebo.

Brown Wicker Resin

The design coverings on the furniture is a sturdy and lovely material. Outdoor furniture that looks like wicker or rattan is quite appropriate for that tropical appeal. It’ll feel like you’re on vacation when you’re just sitting on the back deck or patio.

As far as durability, the wicker in this outdoor conversation set is made of resin. It’ll give you the beauty of wicker without the care that has to be given to the material. Wicker is thin pieces of wood that are sturdy, but they’re still wood. That’s a problem in outdoor furniture.

This kind of material isn’t going to require constant care. It’s easy to wipe clean. Even if it gets a little muddy or wet, it’s not going to be an issue. It’ll wipe down quickly with just a damp cloth.

It’s a material that won’t fade in the sun. It can spend hours under the punishing rays of the sun every single day, and you won’t see the colors fade.

Powder-Coated Frame

The resin rattan wicker sits on top of a frame that keeps it strong and sturdy. The aluminum frame is powder coated. This kind of coating is much better than paint. It’s even better than leaving the metal without a coating at all.

Powder coating is applied to the outside of the metal to resist peeling, warping, and rusting. The reason that powder coating is better for outdoor furniture is because paint can’t be thickly coated on the frame without running. That’s not true with powder coating. The powder can be packed on very thick to protect the metal underneath.

Thick Cushions

The cushions are thick and able to withstand the elements. There are five colors to choose from when you’re ordering your wicker patio set. The frame is always a lovely espresso brown, so it’ll blend with the backyard.

The cushions are 4” with a covering that can be unzippered and tossed into the wash. The colors are vibrant and will stay that way for the life of the outdoor set. The colors include turquoise, light beige, orange, red, and dark beige.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to assemble this set?
It shouldn’t take long to assemble this furniture at all. Many have been able to assemble within 30 minutes of receiving the boxes.

Are there many boxes used for shipment?
The furniture comes in three to four very large boxes. It includes all the frames, cushions, and the coffee table. The shipment will also include the tempered glass for the tabletop.

Are the cushions waterproof?
The material can withstand water as well as the sun. If you know there’s a storm coming, it might be a good idea to invest in a box to store your cushions. They’ll still soak the rain and make it uncomfortable to sit on the furniture for a while.

The Modenzi 5G-U Outdoor Sectional Patio Furniture Sofa Set will fit in any size space you might have. You can use all five pieces in one large sofa set. Or you can break up the furniture to fit in a tight space as needed.

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