Modenzi 3-Pc Lounger Set Review

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The Modenzi 3-Pc Lounger Set is a great addition to your outdoor conversation area. It can be integrated seamlessly into a configuration that includes your other resin wicker furniture. It’s a lovely espresso brown wicker that is common for this kind of furniture, so it will blend without an issue.

You could use this with the other Modenzi furniture, or outdoor furniture from other companies. It could sit at the end of a modular couch and chair set. The coffee table is small enough to be a side table with other furniture, too.

Modenzi 3Pcs Lounger Outdoor Sectional Patio Furniture Espresso Brown Wicker Sofa Set

Features of the Modenzi 3-Pc Lounger Set

  • 3 pieces available for the set
  • 5 cushion colors
  • Cushions are easy to clean
  • Resin wicker material
  • Modular design
  • Lightweight, yet durable frames
  • Easy to assemble

Three Pieces Included

The Modenzi 3-Pc Lounger Set comes with three pieces of furniture. There are two lounge chairs with thick cushions. It comes with a small coffee table and a tempered glass top.

The lounge chairs measure 74.8” L x 29.5” W x 13.4” H. The small coffee table is 21 inches long by 21 inches wide by 13.4 inches high. The tempered glass top is a length to perfectly cover the top of the table.

Easy to Clean Cushions

The cushions come in a variety of bold, vibrant colors. There’s a light beige that will fit with most outdoor décor. There’s also a dark beige that has the same neutrality to fit with your other furniture. If you want to get bold, though, there’s bright turquoise, deep red, and orange.

All 5 cushion colors available for these lounge chairs have the same zippers to make them easy to wash. The cushions are 4 inches thick, so they’re incredibly comfortable. You can easily remove the cushions’ coverings and pop them into the washer.

The colors should stay vibrant and unfaded over time. If you’re worried about the color fastness of the cushions, it’s easy to remove and store the cushions, too.

Resin Wicker Material

The resin weaving on the lounge chairs is a lovely wicker pattern that will match other furniture you might own. It’s a popular kind of weaving, material, and color that will match other furniture in your backyard. Resin is easy to clean and won’t fade in the sun, either.

The same wicker resin that surrounds the lounge chairs is also the pattern you’ll find on the outside of the coffee table.

Modular Design

The design is meant to be modular, which means that you can easily move the pieces around. Any configuration is possible as long as you have the space for it. These lounge chairs can be integrated into a sectional with couches and chairs, too. You will never know that it comes from a different set.

The coffee table could become a side table easily. You’re only limited by the amount of square footage available in your outdoor space and your imagination.

Lightweight, Durable Frames

The frames under the resin wicker are durable. The wicker isn’t the structure that keeps the lounge chairs in their true form. There’s a frame under the wicker that’s made of powder-coated aluminum.

The frames are lightweight due to the fact that they’re aluminum. While iron or steel are heavier, these are still very durable. The powder coating will keep the frame from bending, warping, or being impacted by the elements.

Easy to Assemble

The 3 pieces of this lounger set are easy to assemble. It won’t take you very long to set up the lounge chairs and be sitting out in the sun. Even if you can’t decide where to put the lounge chairs at first, you can easily set them up and move them later.

You won’t need specialized tools to attach the chairs, frames, and levers to the other parts. It comes with detailed instructions that are easy to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the lounge chairs lay completely flat?
The chairs can be left down completely for you to relax in the sun. Tanning is easy and comfortable on these lounge chairs.

Is there a weight limit to these lounge chairs?
The manufacturer doesn’t attach a weight limit to the use of the chairs. As long as everyone is careful, there shouldn’t be a problem with any weight on the chair.

Are the chairs very comfortable?
The cushions are thick. They’re attached to the frame with ties, so they won’t move around, either.

The Modenzi 3-Pc Lounger Set comes in a variety cushion colors. The espresso brown wicker will match with any of the colors you choose. It can be added seamlessly to other types of furniture with the same resin wicker. The frames are lightweight and the pieces are easy to move as needed.

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