Makita BO5030 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Review

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The Makita BO5030 costs around $70 and is a great little orbital sander. Many people buy this one for two main reasons. The brand is well known for producing high quality products, and at this price, it is affordable for most people wanting to buy a good sander.

With really high ratings of 4.7 out of 5 stars on a site like Amazon, you also have the knowledge that this is a top quality sander.

Main Features & Benefits of the Makita B05030

  • Has a 3 ampere motor and spins at 12,000 orbits per minute – that means fast and smooth sanding
  • Comfort Rubber Grip – the rubber grip makes this easier on the hands sin terms of reducing vibration
  • Speed Control – Starting up is always the important time for a sander and this one has a slow start which is very useful indeed.
  • Uses the Hook & Loop system – this is a popular system for quickly changing paper – this one uses 8-hole sandpaper or grit sheets
  • When ordering order with the case – for some strange reason it makes this tool cheaper – no idea why that would be the case but it just is

Video Review of the Makita B05030

Main Review Of The Makita B05030 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander


In our opinion for the money this one is the best sander available right now. There are better sanders available as you can see from out top 10 list, but that said, they all cost a great deal more. So at this price point this is a wonderful tool.

Makita are just a very good brand with a great customer service and when you need parts you can get them without any problems whatsoever. If you like quality then you will like Makita for sure. One reviewer said this and we do agree with the statement:

“I have several of Makitas Random orbit sanders and they just keep getting better! I have “Other” major brands … none come close to the ease of operation and fast uniform removal of material.”

Now with most sanders there is of course the risk of the paper coming off. Just be aware of that and when that happens, stop the sander right away, otherwise it will badly mark the surface below.

That will not happen that often with this one as the hook and loop attachment works pretty well. It can happen when using any sander, not just this one.

When sanders are important to you and you need them for work, then we think Makita produce some of the best quality models on the market. The B05030 is currently the best one in class on the market right now. This is a powerful sander, with low vibration and that makes it easy on the hands.

Many of the buyers used this one on a daily basis and have had no complaints about it. There are of course cheaper versions on the market, and also more expensive ones, but for a good all round general purpose woodworker, this one performs very well.

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