Lifetime Products Adventure Tower Deluxe Playset Review

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Today we review a fantastic outdoor playset by Lifetime Products. This playset features a tower turret, hidden play area, slide, swings, ladies and a steering wheel to play ship captain or pirates. This modern playset design will provide endless entertainment for your children and their friends while stimulating their imaginations and keeping them active.

It can be hard to get kids out of the house these days, with all the trappings of television, computers and internet. Kids need to get exercise every day. They have a lot of energy with which you, as parents, are certainly familiar! Television and computers will easily attract kids so it can be a struggle to get them outside.

The biggest obstacle is providing something to inspire them to play out of doors. Fresh air is good for our lungs, and activity builds strong muscles and bones while tiring us out and helping to sleep at night. Pent-up energy leads to disturbances and some learning disabilities.

This is why we’re such big fans of the tower deluxe playset from Lifetime Products. It offers a wide variety of activities and possibilities within a small area. This set is free-standing, with no need for cement installation. It features all-weather resistant construction. It will not crack, warp or splinter. Its different zones include:

  • clubhouse with rigid hardtop roof and 4 storefronts
  • swing bar with two sings, one trapeze bar and monkey bars
  • two sturdy 3-D climbing walls and fireman pole

The adventure tower deluxe playset is full of exciting activities for children of all ages. It is constructed from UV-protected high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and powder-coated steel to ensure all weather resistance. It is highly durable and will not warp, crack or splinter. It is safe for kids.

From the swing set and slide to rock climbing walls, your kids will have no short of adventures from which to choose and keep busy. Your kids can enjoy the activities and features while you enjoy low-maintenance, worry-free entertainment this set provides.

It features 5’ tall decking with a hard top clubhouse, a sandbox, two doors, four storefronts, two rock climbing walls, 1 9’ wavy slide, a steering wheel, one trapeze, two chalkboards, one arched climber, a car map, two swings, monkey bars and one fireman pole.

Whether your kids want to lay low in the sandbox and spend the afternoon building things, or use up all their energy climbing the monkey bars and showing off their skills on the trapeze, or playing store in the shelter, they will get nonstop kicks out of this deluxe playset. Plus, there will be room for them and all of their friends, with enough options to keep everyone

The playset comes in earthtone colours including green, brown and tan. It is great for 3 to 12 year olds and can handle up to ten users.

Some assembly will be required. There are two bolts used to attach the ladder to the clubhouse once the ladder is fully assembled. It is recommended three people help to build this playset as it has many parts and requires several hands.

With two people you can expect it to take you either an entire, long weekend (for instance, 16-18 hours). This set is designed to sit on a flatland. You should not construct it upon a slope. A handy tip is to lay down weed cloth or river rock to stop weeds and grass growing up beneath the set.

The poles get secured to the ground and no cement securing is necessary. The assembly process is quite involved. You will certainly need the help of two other people with you, as well as a lot of patience. We recommend laying out all parts first with according hardware, according to the instructions, and making sure all parts are in place. Then when you pass this stage you can begin assembly. It saves a lot of hassle in the long run!

The playset ships in a set of three wooden crates to your curbside. You will have to take the individual parts out and carry them to the designated build area.

You can replace the trapeze bar with another swing if you prefer to do so. The tower roof will provide some shade from the summer sun. The metal can get warm in the sun, but the plastic parts stay cool so your kids won’t get injured. The powder coated metal ensures it does not rust

The steel parts are manufactured in China while the vinyl parts are made in the USA. This playset is unique in shape and design and features many different play areas and options, guaranteed to entertain your kids.

This set sells for around $1999 and comes with a five-year limited warranty.

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