Lifetime Big Stuff Freestanding Adventure Play Set Review

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Today we review the Big Stuff adventure play set by Lifetime, a fun free-standing playset for kids aged 3-12 with all kinds of neat features to keep them occupied for a long time.

Getting kids outside is crucial. They have to get exercise and fresh air, all of which will contribute to motor, social and problem solving skills. Exercise strengthens their muscles and bones while letting them use up all their energy. This play set makes a safe play area that is extra fun and will encourage them to try new activities.

This set includes a 9 foot wavy slide, two swings, one trapeze bar, a climbing wall, cargo net, propeller swing and activity board. Its sturdy construction ensures you, the parent, that the playset will remain standing for a long, long time, and your children will not suffer any injury.

It is constructed from high-density polyethylene and powder-coated steel, rendering this play set durable and weather resistant, as it will not warp, rot, crack or splinter the way wooden playsets do. The swing bar is attached. It has three heavy-duty molded swings and one rubberized steel trapeze bar with gym rings.

The chains are rust-resistant and zinc-coated with rubberized grips to prevent pinching that we all remember so well from our own childhoods. The covered clubhouse features a heavy-duty roof and marine quality decking.

Since it is designated for use by children aged 3-12, it is designed for safety. The hard edges are rounded or covered with plastic caps, and there are soft rubber grips on the swing chains to prevent painful pinching (we all remember this from our own childhoods; nice to see the companies have done something about it).

You will need an area of about 14’ by 16’ total for this swing set.

The Adventure play set is freestanding, with no cementing or anchoring required. It is also backed by a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. With safe and strong steel construction, this set passes all Playground Performance and Safety Standards.

This set is the perfect way to get your kids having fun and involved in physical, healthy activities. The playset has a clubhouse, swing set, 3D climbing wall, 9’ wavy slide and plenty activities to keep your kids and their friends entertained, busy and having fun. In total, the features include:

  • propeller swing
  • A-frame swing bar
  • sturdy 3D climbing wall
  • Cargo net
  • Activity chalkboard
  • Clubhouse with hardtop roof
  • 9 foot wavy slide
  • ship wheel and binoculars
  • soft rubber grip on swing chains to prevent pinching or snagging
  • UV-resistant to retain strength and maintain colour
  • Low maintenance – no staining or painting required
  • Free-standing – no need for cement
  • All-weather resistant: will not crack, warp, rot or splinter
  • Passes Playground Performance and Safety Standards
  • No lead-based material
  • Hard edges are rounded or covered with soft plastic caps to prevent injury

There is only one way to assemble this play set: you cannot mirror it, and flip anything around, for example. There is just one way to get all the pieces together and you will have to follow the instructions to get it right. All in all it will take two people a full day (8-10 hours) to get everything together.

Additionally, since this set is freestanding, be sure to level the surface before assembling it. It is absolutely important that this play set stand on level ground; its balance operates on that. If you are worried about it tipping, you can purchase separately an anchor kit for this specific play set.

The swing beam is about 7’ 6” from the ground. You will want to supervise the young children (ages 3-5) when they use the slide. The total weight capacity is 1600 pounds, so adults can stand on it with their children, but you may have to kneel in the clubhouse etc.

The swing set is heavy duty and designed to NOT tip over in the wind. It is very sturdy and durable, but level ground will add security and strength. This may involve digging down for one leg, for example.

One benefit of plastic parts is that in the summer sun, plastic will stay cool, unlike metal, which can become unbearably hot.

The Lifetime Big Stuff adventure play set sells for around $1800 and comes with a limited one year warranty.

About the Company: Lifetime

The very first Lifetime creation was born when the founder wanted to build a better basketball hoop for his family in Riverdale, Utah. He very quickly expanded beyond this initial project and in 1986 he formed Lifetime Products. The philosophy was to build durable, lasting products for consumers and to this day the company, with over 1500 employees, is known for basketball hoops, chairs and tables, kayaks and so much more.

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