Leisure Concepts SmartRail Spa Safety Rail Review

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This is a review of the Leisure Concepts SmartRail Spa Safety Rail. The handrail and stairs are some of the most important aspects of your spa or hot tub. They keep you and your guests safe as you enter the spa.

It’s vital that your guests are kept safe when they’re exiting the hot tub, too. Their hands and feet are wet, which can lead to nasty accidents if there isn’t proper equipment for exiting the hot tub. If you have ailments that make a spa necessary for hydrotherapy, you’ll definitely need a sturdy handrail.

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Features of the SmartRail

  • Sturdy construction
  • Rotating bracket
  • 100% made in USA
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Quick installation
  • Foam grip

Leisure Concepts

The company provides quality spa and hot tub accessories like stairs, covers, and safety railings. The company was founded in 1994 by Mike Genova. He’s still the president of the company today. He wanted the company to be a leader in providing after-market accessories for the spa industry.

These products are meant to enhance the customer’s spa experience. All their products have a lifetime dealer warranty and same-day shipping.

All of the products are manufactured in the USA. All of the parts of the products are sourced in the US, too. They have their own facility for manufacturing, which allows them to keep an eye on the quality being shipped to customers.

Leisure Concepts also uses green-friendly practices by reusing plastic waste bi-products and using only green-friendly bits during manufacturing.

Rust-Free Construction

The tube itself is 2 inches of steel. This provides a sturdy base for the handrail. On top of the steel is a durable finish. It’s a black, textured finish made from powder-coated aluminum. The company claims this as its sturdiest grab rail. The powder coating is what makes this a rust-free product.

It’ll need to stand up against the elements as well as wet hands constantly grabbing it. Being so close to the water every moment of the day can also cause moisture to be a problem. That’s why it’s vital that the construction of your new handrail is meant to resist rust.

Foam Grip

The foam grip is a fantastic addition to this handrail. Some other handrails have a smooth finish with no texture or handle to make it easier to grasp. The foam will give a slip-free surface for everyone to grab.

It’s easy to slip and fall when the handrail has a smooth surface, and you grasp that smooth surface with your wet hand. The foam is completely slip-free while being incredibly comfortable, too.

Mounting on the Side of the Spa

One of the greatest features of this handrail is how and where it can be installed. It’s perfect for partially recessed spas as well as in-ground hot tubs that are flush with the deck. The rotating bracket makes installation in any location a breeze.

You might be surprised to see a handrail mounted on the side of your spa. The outer shell isn’t attached to the interior of the tub. There’s a gap between the exterior and the tub itself. It’s filled with insulation and the gap ensures that your water won’t cool off as quickly. This makes it easier to install brackets on the side.

The cabinet of the hot tub will have different strengths based on the material. You might need to install backing before attaching the bracket. It might be needed when installing onto the deck, too. It can raise or lower the handrail as well.

The bracket is attached with screws that come with the handrail. There’s no need for extra parts. After attaching the brackets with the screws, you can move the handrail into the proper position before tightening the bracket around the end of the rail’s tube.

Suggested Alterations

Owners can come up with a variety of alterations that work with their configuration. The handrail might need backing for example. The handrail has to e installed to give room for the automatic covers to be used, too.

For those who need an easily adjustable handrail, a pull-pin bracket might be a better alternative. This will allow you to easily move the railing to allow for the cover to be pulled over the top of the spa.

Timely Delivery

Many people order a hot tub or spa without purchasing the after-market products like handrails and hot tub steps to go with it. Instead of waiting weeks for a safety handrail, you can order this one, and it’ll be sent out for shipment that same day.

As you’re waiting for the water to heat after your hot tub is installed, the handrail can be on its way to your front door.

The Leisure Concepts SmartRail Spa Safety Rail is an adaptable safety accessory that looks great and provides stable entry and exit from the spa. It can be moved or installed in a variety of ways depending on your spa or hot tub location.

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