Landmann Pizza Kettle Review

Backyard means barbecue. We all know that. There’s nothing like chunks of grub cooked smoothly over smoky coals. But can backyard also mean pizza? We’re always dreaming of pizza baked to crisp perfection over an open flame, in traditional style, but eating out can get expensive. We like to entertain in the summer, and we also really, really like pizza. Searching for solutions, we found that outdoor pizza ovens are very costly to install, and they take up a lot of room. They are also a permanent installation, so if you have one installed, you better bank on staying there for a long time to get your money’s worth. And on the hottest summer days, the last thing we want to do is crank the oven up to 475 degrees. Pizza is tricky to cook outdoors, and for those of us with not a lot of space, it’s impossible to have a barbecue and a chiminea and a firepit. After shopping around we found the perfect combination of all backyard cooking needs. What’s this? A pizza kettle and charcoal grill all in one handsome package? Yes, indeed.

Landmann USA 525110 Pizza Kettle Charcoal Grill review

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With 375 square inches of cooking space, you’ll be cooking monstrous pizzas with all the fixings. Because this thing can take it. To make sure you don’t burn the food, there is a large temperature gauge on the lid, so you can easily keep an eye on your masterpiece. There’s even a vent on the lid: this is important for preventing fires and for maintaining cooking temperature. It comes in super sleek black and silver: the frame and handle are steel, while the grates and lid are made of porcelain.

It is fuelled by charcoal, making it entirely portable, should you want to move it around the yard or bring it on a trip with you. No electricity required.

landmann pizza kettle review

If you have grilled pizza before, you’ll know that it’s very hard to keep the heat high enough to achieve the intended effect. Landmann has invented the perfect heat system for this. The cooking grate itself is made of heavy-duty solid stainless steel, and has a porcelain-coated charcoal grate, which helps to maintain the perfect heat. The grill gets up to 700 degrees, perfect for thoroughly cooking the crust and toppings. There are different pieces for cooking different foods, so pay attention! Say you’d been cooking up some burgers: to make a pizza, simply lift the lid, add the included stainless steel pizza ring, and you’re ready to go! It also comes with a pizza stone, which you will want to cook your pizza on. Pizza stones are designed specifically for cooking pizza.

The porous nature of the stone will help absorb moisture, resulting in the perfect crispy crust. The stone also makes it near impossible to burn the pizza. It will, of course, take some experimentation to get the crust of your choice. Some prefer a softer crust, and they could have their pizza ready in five quick minutes, whereas those who prefer a crispier crust may find their pizza takes six to ten minutes to cook.

landmann pizza kettle

You know that tempting, mouthwatering popcorn smell that emanates from bakeries? Professional pizzeria chefs will add a layer of cornmeal to the pizza stone before putting the dough on it, to help prevent the crust from sticking. It also adds a fun and tasty texture to the crust, serving to enhance the other flavours.

This thing was designed with the user in mind. The assembly instructions are very clear and the different parts (bolts, etc) are clearly labelled in their own bags. You can expect to have it fully built in under an hour. It has an ultra-handy ash catcher which slides out from the bottom. You can remove and empty it after each use to keep the grill in shipshape. No more sweeping out the ashes and getting it all in your eyes.  It also has two large, heavy-duty wheels that make it easy to cart around the yard, or if you want to take it camping, on a picnic, etc. The other two legs have rubber bases to keep it sturdy while in use. There is even a bottom shelf for storage, and a side rack for hanging all your grilling tools.

Check out this video for a great walk-through:

Here’s another excellent tutorial on how to convert the grill to pizza kettle:

The handles are composed of bakelite, making it comfortable and easy to lift and close the lid. The transport handles are made of the same material with grooves to fit your fingers. This thing has us all kinds of inspired for the parties we could throw just to celebrate the damn thing. Birthday parties, pizza parties, family get togethers where kids, parents, and grandparents alike come together to roll out the dough and top it up with their favourites. You will need to add wood atop the charcoal: for a tasty treat, try hickory wood chunks. They will add a wonderful, satisfying smoky flavor.

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