Landmann Barrone Fire Pit Review

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Some cities have by-laws that don’t allow for backyard fire pits. This is a pity. (Did you see that pun)? Buying and using a portable fire pit is a great alternative solution to this. You can move it around the yard, trying different layouts and designs and effects.

You can also host it right up on the patio (but of course, only a stone or concrete patio – never a flammable wooden one, unless you’ve first laid a barrier of bricks).

Perfect Outdoor Accessory For All Seasons

Fire pits can be used as barbecues, in that they are great for cooking, but don’t pose as many safety hazards, the way propane tanks do. We’ve found one of the greatest portable fire pits out there: The Landmann Barrone.

Composed of sturdy, high-quality steel, this is an affordable fire pit that will bring the joy of campfire to your backyard for years. All four sides have an open crosshatch design, which allows everyone to view the fire from all angles.

More guests, more fire, more fun! It also lends to a nice ambience where not too much of the flames show: just enough to provide warmth, light, and room for roasting marshmallows, or cooking yourself a full meal!

Landmann 25282 Barrone Fire Pit

Be sure to read the instructions before using this thing. The interior features a pit that is approximately a foot deep, giving plenty of room to lay down a layer of sand beneath the wood.

The instructions specifically tell you to add the sand, and you should obey. The sand will absorb a lot of the heat and disperse it evenly, which will protect the fire pit from damage; a layer of sand in the bottom also prevents flames and hot ashes from going flying.

You may, however, find it easier to clean if you use a layer of pea gravel topped by firebricks. Just make sure you have a layer of something non-flammable in the bottom!

Looks Nice, Great For Cooking!

A built-in wood grate is included, and you can buy additional, adjustable grates to use for cooking, if you so desire.

This fire pit measures approximately two by two feet. It comes in three pieces that are very easy to put together with a screwdriver, and has a very sturdy construction that you can trust.

The bottom has air holes, which allow for ventilation to keep the fire oxygenated and burning. The front has a spark screen that you can keep closed while using the fire pit.

The fire pit has a good weight to it, but it light enough that you can move it around the yard when needed. Its walls are composed of steel mesh to keep wood and hot coals enclosed.

That doesn’t mean it’ll hold the flames completely though: be careful not to use this on any wooden or cloth surfaces, as it will burn through.


Let’s Get Primitive

Fire is basically what makes us human. Around 800 000 years ago when fire was invented, we were able to cook more foods and eat meat, which resulted in brain growth and human development.

A fire pit makes a great addition to any backyard party, providing people with a source of warmth and light, as well as being a captivating focal point for any area.

We love to light a fire and watch the caveman effect take place, as everyone slowly gathers around. Fire pits are very handy for cooking purposes. Nothing tastes quite as satisfying as a meal cooked over open fire.

The pyramid shape of this fire pit allows the user to not only use it for decorative purposes, but you can also cook with it!

The Landmann Barrone has a removable top – the triangular part – and when it is removed, you can lay a grate across the four flat corners. Simply set your food on the grate and let it roast over the flame.

Using the cover will keep the sand and wood dry, as well as prevent the fire pit from rusting or wearing down. And since this is a contained fire, you are able to burn it in any yard setting.

Keep a layer of sand at the bottom of the fire pit, or use fire bricks. You should regularly clean your fire pit by removing the ashes and replacing the sand.

If you’d like the fire pit to sit higher off the ground, simply set it upon some bricks. This fire pit is easy to load and holds a good amount of wood, for a good-sized fire.

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Landmann Barrone – Is It Worth The Money?

It comes in an antique bronze, which is very majestic, especially in silhouette against flames. As it should, it comes with a waterproof cover, a built-in wood grate, a spark screen, and a poker.

The poker is especially handy when the lid is too hot to remove by hand. After that, all you need is a Phillips head screwdriver for assembly, some firewood, and matches!  

Overall, we love the Landmann Barrone.  Landmann makes a great product, and, in particular, a nice fire pit, of which there are many designs, but this one is a popular one and we can see why.  No complaints here!

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