La Hacienda Deluxe Rain Cover Review

Today we review the deluxe rain cover by La Hacienda. This is a designated patio chiminea cover that is 100% waterproof.

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It is made of a breathable, UV treated material that is strong and woven. It is strong and durable, but very easy to fold and store. In order to use it, you simply slip it over the chiminea, akin to slipping a glove onto a hand. You then tighten the drawstring at the bottom so it remains securely in place. The drawstring also allows for a tight and custom fit. While keeping rain out, the cover will also deter any critters seeking shelter, as well as block dust and debris from entering the chiminea.

This deluxe investment measures 41.3” in length, 22.8” in width and 22.8” in height. With these provided measurements, make sure to measure your chiminea before ordering. All too often people order the wrong size and then blame the company (with this cover, with clothing, etc.).

It comes in a nice and neutral green, a forest green that is neutral and pleasant, and will blend in with your landscape/yard no matter what décor you have.

Chimineas are outdoor fireplaces, but they are vulnerable to weather-related damage. The cover keeps dirt, debris and weather conditions out of the chiminea when you are not using it. The fabric is water-repellant, and won’t crack in cold weather.

You will want to cover your chiminea when you’re not using it in order to keep debris out of the belly. Rain is a big culprit that will sit in the belly and rust your chiminea (if it’s iron or aluminum), or it will ruin the clay. Clay is porous and absorbs moisture. When moisture is absorbed into the clay, this can cause cracking and splitting. This is particularly true when temperatures are below freezing, because we all know from science class that water expands when it freezes. Once the water is in the pores of the clay and then expands, it will cause cracks and other damage. Cracks may give the chiminea a rustic look, but this works better on chimineas that are used just for decoration. If you plan to actually have fires in the chiminea, you do not want cracks, because once they appear, the extreme temperature changes will only make the clay more and more brittle.

The only issue that may arise is with the stitching on the bottom. You will have to keep an eye on it. The vertical stitching on the bottom can come apart depending on different conditions. With this in mind, you may want to reinforce the bottom stitching with your own needle and thread or industrial-strength adhesive so it can hold up against wind and rain.

Chimineas bring so much joy to our patio with the warmth and light they provide. We can gather around with friends or enjoy a relaxing evening to ourselves, to watch the small fire in the comfort of our backyards. They are a great patio accessory as you do not need a permit to use one. Many municipalities require permits to put in a fire pit due to potential hazards, but chimineas are portable and very safe to use. Originating in Spain in the 1700s, they are cleverly designed with a pot-bellied oven and thin smoke stack. Typically they stand on feet but some have no feet and should be raised on a layer of brick for heat absorption. Otherwise your patio will suffer heat damage (discolouration or worse, fire).

This chiminea cover works as part of the winterizing process for your chiminea. You will have to clear out all remaining ash. You can do this with a trowel or vacuum. You will then slip the cover over the chiminea and tighten the drawstring at the bottom. Whether you bring your chiminea indoors or leave it outside during the winter, you should use this cover, as it will keep out dust and debris, moisture, and stop critters from burrowing in the chiminea. The belly oven creates a very safe cave that is inviting to little animals seeking shelter (unless you love animals and want to give them a nice home for the winter).

This chiminea cover sells for around $30, which is certainly not a bad amount of money to invest! This is a high quality material that is sure to do its job. Every little bit of maintenance and care performed will only serve to lengthen the life of your chiminea and protect it. Chimineas bring warmth and light to our backyard patio experience, and it is only fair that we give them love in return.

You should always cover the chiminea when you are not using it, but make sure the fire is out and everything has cooled down before you cover it up.

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