Kozyard Susan 3-Pc Patio Bistro Set Review

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The Kozyard Susan 3-Pc Patio Bistro Set is a lovely conversation set that will fit in a patio, porch, or garden area. It’ll also look wonderful poolside.

The conversation set is made of durable materials that will last for a long time. Read on to find out more about this lovely bistro set and see if it fits with your space.

Kozyard Susan 3 Pcs Patio Bistro Set Outdoor Furniture For

Features of the Kozyard Susan 3-Pc Patio Bistro Set

  • Powder-coated metal
  • Fixed cushion straps
  • Easily removable cushions for cleaning
  • Sturdy iron frame
  • Dark brown frame color
  • Spacious seating

Powder-Coated Metal

The metal frame of the chairs is made of metal that’s completely powder coated. Powder coating is applied to metal to ensure that it will keep the metal protected. Instead of using paint to protect the metal from the elements, powder is applied to the metal.

It’s a dry powder that is electrostatically applied. It’ll stick directly to the material in a more permanent form than paint. The powder is cured to create a tough finish. Powder coating will always be more permanent and protective than paint. It’ll keep your metal from rusting, warping, and breaking from rain or the sun.

Fixed Cushion Straps

The cushions come with straps attached to keep them affixed to the frame of the chairs. It’ll keep the cushions from moving around unnecessarily. That can be an annoyance especially for guests who are moving around constantly at a party.

When it’s time to remove the cushions, it’s easy to untie them from the frame. They can be stored for the winter in a patio box quite easily. If you want to store them before a big storm, they can quickly be removed from the chairs, too.

Easy to Clean

Whether it’s the powder-coated frame or the cushions themselves, there’s a time when you’ll have to wash down all your patio furniture. That’s especially true if you’re setting this conversation set out in the garden where it’s not sheltered.

When it’s time to clean, remove the cushions and give them a thorough washing. It’s probably best to bring them indoors or invest in a box to store all your chair cushions in case of bad weather.

The frame itself is easy to wash down to remove any dirt or mud that might have attached itself to the legs.

Sturdy, Brown Frame

The brown tone of the frame means that you can easily use this set of chairs with other cushions if you like. Nobody likes to be pinned down to a certain color scheme forever. You won’t have to replace your entire patio set just because you’re tired of the cushion color. This frame will blend with many other cushions.

Not only is the frame powder coated and sturdy, it’s crafted from iron. That iron will last for a long time. It’s not made with aluminum, which can be a problem over time. It’s not as sturdy. This iron coated with powder will last for many, many years.

Spacious Seating

The space in the frame of the chair is pretty generous. The seat of the chairs measure 22” L x 22” W x 14” H. The seat cushions are 24” L x 22” W x 5” H. That’s pretty thick for seat cushions.

One of our favorite features of these chairs are their ability to bounce slightly while you’re sitting in them. It’s not going to be a huge bounce, but it’s quite relaxing to sit and lightly bounce in your chair. The chairs support up to 250 pounds.

Keep this in mind when you’re bouncing, too. The weight of the person in the chair can stress the frame.

Table and Chairs

We’ve talked a ton about the chairs because those are important. You want a place to relax with friends. There’s also an iron table. That table measures 20” D x 17.5” H. The table will support 115 pounds. That’s a lot of coffee or wine on your outdoor table.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the entire set weigh?

You’ll want this detail for shipping purposes. You might or might not have to pay for shipping based on weight. It’s 80 pounds total. If you need individual weights because of placement of the table and chairs, the chairs are 31 pounds each while the table is 10 pounds.

Is this easy to assemble?

The weight of the chair arms can make it difficult for some people to hold alone. You might need one other person, but it’s certainly possible to do it alone if you’re able.

Does this bistro table and chairs blend with other sets?

There’s a cozy rocking glider that some people purchase to fit in with the table and chairs. If you decide to build upon the initial set, you can find some great pieces from Kozyard.

The Kozyard Susan 3-Pc Patio Bistro Set comes with a table and two chairs. The frame is incredibly durable on the table as well as the chairs. The cushions are thick and comfy, too.

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