Kozyard Domingo Sun Shade Gazebo Review

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The Kozyard Domingo Sun Shade Gazebo is a sturdy canopy with an elegant design. It’s a bit unique since most lightweight canopies like this have a square, boxy design. This has a lovely curve to it that you’ll absolutely adore. The canopy is tall enough to sit on a balcony or deck without blocking your view from the deck.

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Features of the Kozyard Domingo Sun Shade Gazebo

  • Beautiful swan design
  • Durable canopy
  • Waterproof and UV resistant materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable shelter
  • Spacious design

Swan Design

This is a lovely swan design that can be used in the back or front yard of your home. It’s a wonderfully elegant canopy, yet, it’s simple and portable. This canopy gazebo has a lot going for it. Especially if you have to keep your installations in the backyard to a minimum. Not everyone has the ability or space to put in a permanent structure. This is unobtrusive while still providing an elegant covering for your next event.

In fact, when we first saw this canopy, we thought it would be perfect for a quick shelter when it suddenly rains on your event. You can even use this in the front yard if you decide to have a yard sale. It’ll keep your items from becoming wet and ruined. It’ll also keep you cool while you chat with neighbors.

Durable Canopy

The canopy is made from a waterproof polyester that will protect you from the elements. There’s really no sense in having a canopy over your head if it’s not going to protect you from the rain or the harsh beating rays of the sun. Many canopy materials will lightly block the sun or the rain for a short amount of time. This will consistently block the sun and rain from attacking your guests.

Waterproof and UV Resistant Materials

Along with the waterproof and UV resistant canopy, there’s also a steel frame that will resist rust. The main pole is made of iron while the rest is made of steel. The frame won’t warp or move with the force of the wind, which can be a problem with some canopies. The screws that hold the frame together are covered to protect them from rust, too.

The bungee cord and toggle ball that holds the canopy to the frame are made of durable materials, too. It’s easy to remove the canopy and the accessories from the steel frame to keep it safe.

Easy to Assemble

With the bungee cord and toggle balls, it’s easy to assemble the canopy. It only requires two people to assemble this the first time. All times after the first, one person can simply attach the canopy to the frame. It won’t require much effort at all.

Portable Shelter

The easy assembly means that the canopy can be moved as needed. If you want to hold an event in the backyard one weekend then a yard sale in the front next weekend, you can easily assemble, disassemble, and move the frame and attach the canopy. It doesn’t require much work at all. On windy days, you might want to weigh down the legs, but you won’t have to install this canopy permanently.

Spacious Design

One of the best features of this canopy is the spacious design. Many shelters with canopies like this are small or they’re hard to manage because they’re awkward. This is a beautiful, streamlined design that gives you plenty of space under it. There’s 12 feet by 12 feet with 8 feet of clearance overhead. People can easily stand under the canopy without feeling like it’s touching their heads. It’s great how the edges don’t block the view you’ll have while sitting under the canopy, either.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the structure weigh?
The shipping weight is 92.4 pounds.

Does this come with any mosquito netting?

This doesn’t come with mosquito netting or curtains, but you can easily buy the material that you need to surround the structure. When you buy separate, you’re able to remove and install it as needed.

Can this be installed on a deck?
You can definitely install this on a wooden or composite deck. It provides shade with elegant lines.

The Kozyard Domingo Sun Shade Gazebo can easily be assembled by one or two people. It’s a simple design that will give you ample space to sit under and enjoy with friends and family. It’s a gazebo that is incredibly portable yet feels substantial.

You can easily move the canopy and install it in a few different locations based on what you have planned. It can exist on a deck then be moved to the backyard for your event. It can also be placed in the front yard if you plan on having something like a yard sale. It’s an incredibly versatile gazebo.

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