Kozyard Andra Soft Top Barbecue Grill Canopy Review

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The Kozyard Andra Soft Top Barbecue Grill Canopy is a wonderful choice for when you want to grill outside. It’s a canopy that is resistant to the heat that’s generated by your grill. The person who ends up cooking for your family or guests doesn’t have to be standing unprotected in the sun. They can enjoy cool shade, too. There are shelves and space under the canopy, so they don’t have to be lonely, either.

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Features of the Kozyard Andra Soft Top Barbecue Grill Canopy

  • Durable, vented canopy
  • Strong frame
  • Handy shelves
  • Magnetic LED lights

Kozyard Company

The company has been selling outdoor furniture for over 15 years. They bring innovative products to their customers. Along with innovation, they pride themselves on the quality of their products. That can be seen in the barbecue grill gazebo they sell.

Durable Canopy

The material of this canopy is fire retardant, which is why it can be used over a grill in the first place. Most of the time, canopy manufacturers will recommend that you don’t use fabrics around your grill. That isn’t the case with this grill canopy. It’s especially created for heat and fire.

It’s also vented to ensure that it doesn’t get pulled or become a projectile in a storm. The vent in the top will allow the air to flow through instead of building up pressure. It’ll be completely stable in the windiest conditions.

Along with being fire retardant, the coated polyester of the canopy is simple to clean. It takes only some water and maybe a little bleach to get the dirt off the canopy. It’s resistant to mildew, so you won’t have to worry about scrubbing the polyester material. It resists the harsh UV rays of the sun. The person grilling under the canopy will be protected from the sun and rain.

Sturdy Frame

The steel frame is a high-grade material with powder coating over it. It will never bend or break sitting outside throughout the year. You can remove the canopy and store it over the winter. You won’t have to do that with the steel frame. It can be installed directly and permanently to the wooden deck, balcony, or cement patio.

Another option is to leave the canopy uninstalled in the yard, so it can be moved as needed. It’ll depend on the theme of your party as well as the configuration. The choices for how you want to install this canopy are endless.

Handy Shelves

There are shelves built into the side of this grill canopy. Hooks can dangle from the underside of the shelves to hold grilling utensils. Your spatula for burgers, the tongs for hot dogs and wings, and the grill brush are just a few of the things you need for grilling. They can all be within easy reach when needed. They’re also out of the way when you don’t need them.

You can add bar chairs to the outside of the canopy for your guests. They’ll enjoy being close to you while you cook. They can serve themselves from the food as it’s finished and left on the shelves, too. It’s a handy place that you wish you’d had before for all your grilling and entertaining needs.

Magnetic LED Lights

For some parties, you might want to string beautiful lights across the yard. You’ll add those lights to any structures in the backyard including this one. On the other hand, you might want to cook at night when you’re not having a party, too. The canopy comes with magnetic LED lights that you can remove and move as you see fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the grilling canopy weigh?
The grill canopy’s shipping weight is 55 pounds.

Can this canopy be used in the grassy areas of the backyard?
You’ll need to add weights to the legs of the canopy. The tubing for the legs measure 1.57 inches by 1.57 inches. You won’t be able to stake them into the ground without help.

How big is the canopy barbecue grill?
The overall dimensions are 8 feet by 5 feet. The height of the canopy at its peak is 8.2 feet. This will allow you to stand under the canopy easily while you’re grilling.

The Kozyard Andra Soft Top Barbecue Grill Canopy can be added to your backyard for everyday barbecues or special occasions. It’s a great place for your hard-working chef to stand and enjoy the shade while manning the grill. There’s space on the shelves for food to be placed before and after cooking. In fact, it’s a great spot for guests to sit and enjoy the chef’s company.

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