Keter Rio 3-Pc All-Weather Patio Garden Chair and Table Set Review

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The Keter Rio 3-Pc All-Weather Patio Garden Chair and Table Set is a lovely conversation set. It can be used in a variety of areas because it’s compact and sturdy.

It’s fantastic for a small balcony or patio where room is at a premium. It’s a great set if you need to create a conversation nook in your yard or deck. It’s dainty, sturdy, and incredibly attractive.

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Features of the Keter Rio Conversation Set

  • Rich, deep color
  • Metal chair and table legs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Rust-proof construction
  • Lovely rattan resin

Keter’s Outdoor Garden Furniture

All of Keter’s outdoor furniture is made with sturdy UV-resistant materials. Ultra-violet rays have been known to cause serious damage to outdoor furniture that isn’t treated. It can fade and dry out the materials. It can lead to broken furniture that rusts.

The resin used in their outdoor furniture is treated to be weather resistant. It won’t peel, rust, decay, or rot. That’s vital for furniture that will sit outside day after day for months. You want simple furniture that doesn’t require a ton of maintenance, either.

Their furniture is pretty lightweight, too. You can move it around as needed. That’s great for creating new conversation and sitting areas without having to buy new furniture all the time.

Rich, Deep Color

The material used in the construction of this conversation set will keep its color through the life of the pieces. When you pull these chairs and table out of the boxes, they’ll be the beautiful, rich color that you ordered. In a few years, you’ll be amazed to see that it’s the same rich color you chose.

The conversation set comes in Whiskey Brown and Sparkle Gray. The gray leans more towards a black color with legs to match. The brown is a deep chocolate tone that has matching leg colors, too.

Rust-Proof Construction

The metal frame as well as the resin material used in the chairs and table are meant to keep the entire thing protected from rust. It can rain a surprising amount during the spring, summer, and fall months. Even winter can see a ton of rain in areas that don’t see snow.

There’s no way you could head outside every time it rains to wipe down the furniture. It has to be able to exist against the elements alone. The rust-proof construction means you definitely don’t have to worry about the dampness.

Metal Legs

The sturdy frame and resin material is supported by metal legs. The metal tube legs will never bend or break. They’re crafted and molded to an angle that won’t put undue pressure on the tube legs at all. It can support the weight of an adult easily.

Lovely Resin Design

The resin has the look of rattan in a wicker weaving pattern. Resin isn’t always the most comfortable material without cushions, but these chairs are angled for comfort. The seat of the chairs are molded to be comfy for anyone.

The table is flat on the surface using the same resin. It’s smooth and sturdy. The edge of the table is the same weave that you’ll find on the chairs.

Easy to Clean

Dirt can sometimes get onto the furniture. This resin weave could need to be cleaned frequently depending on whether there’s dirt and mud around. It’s best to rinse the chairs and table with a hose.

If you allow the furniture to get incredibly dirty, you’ll need to take more steps to clean it. Usually, frequent hosing is all that’s required. A cup of vinegar to 5 quarts of water will clean most resin furniture perfectly well. You don’t need special cleansing agents.

Easy to Assemble

The chairs and table come partially assembled. It’s easy for you to pull the chairs and table from the box and put them together yourself. That’s not always the case with many table and chair sets. This conversation set doesn’t require a team of builders to assemble it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the table and chairs?
The chairs are 30.51” W x 21.26” D x 23.92” H. The table is 14.96” W x 14.37” D x 14.96” H.

How much does the conversation set weigh?

The shipping weight of the table and chairs is 37 pounds. The weight of the pieces are a total of 34.2 pounds.

What is the material that makes up resin?
Resin is actually a form of plastic called polypropylene. It’s much harder than plastic and can be crafted into beautiful designs.

Final Thoughts

The Keter Rio 3-Pc All-Weather Patio Garden Chair and Table Set is easy to assemble as well as maintain. It will give you a portable table and chairs that can be used to create a conversation nook anywhere. You can place them in the corner of your patio or in the middle of your garden. The set won’t disturb the view at all.

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