Keter Rattan-Style Outdoor Cooler Table Review

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The Keter Rattan-Style Outdoor Cooler Table is a stylish combination cooler and drinks table. It will save space at your party while being completely beautiful. Guests will wonder at your overall planning abilities with something like this table.

For most family gatherings or friends together on a Saturday night for a BBQ, they’ll toss ice and drinks into an old, red cooler. In some cases, they might use an ugly bucket. You’ll be the first in your group to have this combination table and cooler in your backyard.

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Features of the Keter Rattan-Style Outdoor Cooler Table

  • 3-in-1 cooler table
  • Large cooler
  • Easy pull-up table
  • Locks in place
  • Drain plug for cleaning
  • Weather-resistant resin
  • Sturdy legs
  • Keeps drinks cold

3-in-1 Cooler Table

The rattan table can be used as a cooler for all your backyard parties. It can also be used as a table with the cooler underneath exposed. Guests can easily find drinks in the cooler and use the top of the table, too. The third function of this cooler table is as a coffee table or side table.

It functions as a great piece that can be kept out on the patio with the rest of your outdoor furniture. It can be used for decorations or as a drink holder without pulling up the table or using the cooler. Once you’re ready to party, it turns into exactly what you need.

Large Cooler Space

The cooler space is fairly large. While it’s long and thin, it doesn’t look like much. It can actually hold 7.93 gallons. That’s as much ice and drinks as you want. You can layer them from top to bottom, so as the ice melts, you have layers of drinks that are waiting to be discovered.

When they’re shown sticking out of the top of the ice, it’s a great visual. Your guests will be impressed. After they’ve decimated the drinks on top, they’ll be ready for the ones underneath as the ice melts.

Instead of fishing around in a cooler full of ice water, they’ll be able to easily find a drink as the level goes down. You can easily add more drinks and ice, too. There’s a simple way to remove the water and dump more ice into the cooler.

Easy Table

The second part of the cooler is the table. There are two positions for the table. It can be used as a cover for the cooler itself. It’ll stay in place over the cooler space underneath. If you don’t want to use it as a cooler, it functions beautifully as a side table for drinks.

It can also be lifted to gain access to the cooler. The table tray section lifts into place and locks. Drinks will never topple from the top table part because the table shifts. It’s stable for all your guests’ glasses and cans. Even food can be placed on this table.

Drain for Cleaning

It can be difficult to clean many coolers or containers you’ve turned into a cooler for your event. All of that melted ice has to be dumped. It often involves tipping gallons and gallons of icy water into the yard. It’s heavy and unwieldy.

This cooler table has a plug in the bottom of the cooler. Water will leave the cooler without you having to break your back. It’s an easy way to remove melted ice during the party, so you can add more ice and drinks, too.

Weather-Resistant Resin

The resin used for this rattan-style cooler table is resistant to all kinds of damage including the hot, punishing rays of the sun. It’s treated to be UV resistant, which means it won’t fade. It’ll always be the lovely shade that you purchased.

There are actually a few colors that you can buy for your outdoor space. We’re partial to the espresso brown because it will match with what you have currently, and it will blend with other colors well. There’s also gray, red, and teal. They’re all bright and vibrant colors. You can choose the one that fits your party the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can it keep drinks cold?
Drinks can be kept cold for at least 10 to 12 hours in the cooler. It might last even longer if you keep on top of the melting ice situation.

What’s the weight limit of the table top?
It’s unlikely that any drinks or plates could exceed the weight limit of the table top. It’s 110 pounds. It’s not meant to be a seat.

What are the closed and extended dimensions of the cooler table?
The closed dimensions are 19.5” D x 22.5” H x 19.5” W. Extended it is 33 inches high.

The Keter Rattan-Style Outdoor Cooler Table is a 3-in-1 table that will hold all the drinks you need for your next party. It’ll keep those drinks cold for the length of your party, too. You and your guests will have frosty cans and bottles right there with a table for resting them as everyone chats and has fun.

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