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We found the perfect outdoor movie screen for camping and all kinds of parties! It is lightweight, high quality, can be used to hang or stand on a frame, and rolls up for easy storage! JaeilPLM 100 Inch Wrinkle-Free Portable Outdoor Projection Screen review

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First, the JaeilPLM Outdoor Projection Screen is wrinkle-free. Some of the other screens we’ve seen come folded in the manufacturer’s packaging, and even when they are fully inflated, the wrinkles are slightly visible. Of course, not visible while watching a film, but visible enough to make you worry that your guests can see.

This one is utterly wrinkle-free, and is not inflatable. This means it’s even more portable than the inflatable ones, because you don’t have to account for the blowers (fans that inflate the screen). And because it is not inflatable, it takes up less space in the yard or movie setting. Plus, it uses less electricity since you don’t need power to blow it up!

The screen is made of PVC (polyvinylchloride) and the poles are lightweight aluminum. Since it’s so lightweight, you can get your kids to carry it for you while you do more important things, like get started on the bevvies.

JaeilPLM 100 Inch Wrinkle-Free Portable Outdoor Projection Screen review

It sells for around $100, and with this price you get the screen, the stand, and a transport bag. It rolls up nice and compact; so compact, in fact, that you can fit it right into the trunk of your car.

The JaeilPLM Outdoor Projection Screen measures 100” on the diagonal. That’s pretty big, and the whole thing sets up in an easy five to ten minutes. It also comes with fasteners to help keep the screen steady in windy conditions.

The PVC is thick enough to remain stable when set up, however, we don’t recommend using this outdoors in high wind, seeing as it’s so lightweight, it will blow around and possibly blow over. If it’s windy out, just take it indoors and watch your movie inside!

This is the perfect screen for outdoor movie viewings, backyard parties, pool parties, or neighbourhood TV marathons. Kids love to watch movies outside, but they tend to hate the drive-in theatres, because being trapped in a car is fun for no one. This projection screen is the answer to your outdoor movie prayers.

You may find it comes in handy for other uses too, like photo slideshows, or any kind of presentation. It is so easy to set up and take down, and light to carry around, that you won’t have any problems and you’ll be using it all the time. Plus, if you don’t feel like hosting, you can easily bring it on over to your pal’s place for a big old slumber party or karaoke night.

jaeilplm outdoor screen

The tubing and wiring hold together surprisingly well. This thing is nice and sturdy, and won’t wobble once it’s set up. The frame forms a triangle behind the screen for maximum support, which has proven to keep the screen perfectly stable.

It also takes up a lot of space, so we mean it when we say it’s for outdoor use.  You will need a good seven feet behind the screen, to account for the frame. And if you don’t want to use the stand, you don’t have to!

The screen comes with three grommet holes along the top, and three grommet holes along each side (left and right). This makes it fully adaptable to your setup, as you can tether or clip it without needing the screen.

The screen comes with a semi-gloss finish that helps to keep the wrinkles out, and adds just a bit of magic luster to the image being projected. It’s so high-quality that you can even use it with room lighting on. We found that other screens had to be used in complete darkness for proper enjoyment, but not this one!

jaeilplm outdoor screen review

It’s also good for lectures or workshops, where you are presenting to groups of up to a hundred people or so (go ahead and present to more, see if we care, it’ll still work). It is not, however, able to use rear projection. The back of the screen is blacked out and the triangular frame prevents the image from projecting. Front projection only!

Due to its stability and portability, this screen is great for camping trips. Not that we go into nature to watch television, of course, but creatures gotta have creature comforts, and we won’t judge you for that. In fact, we applaud it.

Imagine the epic weekend camping trips you and your friends could take. Get the benefits of outdoor, fresh air, maybe a hike or two, some water – then a nice, relaxing evening in front of the campfire and big screen TV. Two worlds colliding. That’s what we’re talking about.

No matter what you’re using this projection screen for, we highly recommend it for its portability, easy set up, and high-quality PVC screen.

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