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Today we review the Intex Pure Spa, a portable hot tub that allows you to relax and be pampered by bubbling jets and hot water. This hot tub is just the ticket to soothing, full body rejuvenation.

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The spa has 120 jets for an ultra-luxurious spa experience. The jets are located at the perimeter of the bottom, where the inside walls meet the floor.

Since you sit on the floor in this hot tub, the jets aim right at your lower back. Hips are a storage depot for stress and tension, according to yogi master Bryan Kest.

The jets will hit you right in the storage depot and release all of that stress and tension. Another bonus of having the jets in this position is that they will keep the water circulating constantly, in order to prevent dirt accumulation on the spa floor.

This tub is good for those with fibromyalgia or other similar ailments. This hot tub is very easy to get in and out of, as you can slide yourself in slowly, and it is very soft. Regular bathtubs on the other hand are hard and slippery and uncomfortable.

It features an easy to use control panel plus a built-in hard water treatment system to make the water gentler on your skin and the spa system itself.

Without this feature, you would get a lot of hard water build-up and this would limit the water flow, eventually reducing the life of the spa.

Its filter is quite an interesting piece of technology, and it works like this: using advanced technology, the system generates an electro-magnetic field that causes calcium and other water minerals to create suspended crystals.

The crystals then are retained in the filter cartridge, so that you are left with soft water in the spa.

You will want to leave the floating chlorinator in at all times, except for when you are using the hot tub. Remove, and put back in when you get out.

You can adjust the temperature to your personal preference, so that the interior of the spa surrounds and engulfs you in a refreshing massage experience. The water temperature ranges 68 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The included plug is ground-fault protected.

Its approximate inflated size measures 57” inner diameter and 77” outer diameter, and stands 28” tall. Four people can fit into this tub.

The tub holds 210 gallons of water. Did you know that a gallon of water weighs just over eight pounds? With water weight and persons inside the tub it will weigh around 2200 pounds.

That’s a lot of weight and for this reason we recommend setting the tub on top of a tarp on a reinforced deck. The deck will support the water weight better than the grass, and the tarp will prevent splinters or sharp concrete from puncturing the tub.

Better yet, you may purchase a sheet of hard foam to create more comfort in the floor. The foam will also help insulate the tub by keeping the warmth in. Hot tubs usually lose their heat through the bottom.

The bottom is also where you sit with your guests. It is a softly padded floor, but you can purchase extra seat cushions if you wish.

This hot tub is made from puncture-resistant three-ply laminated material using Fiber Tech Construction, which makes for ultimate comfort, support and durability.

The spa is very easy to maintain, as it uses two replaceable filter cartridges. The purchase of this hot tub will include an insulated cover and lock that will help minimise heat loss as well as provide safety feature for nosy children or pets.

You will also receive a carry bag that makes storage and transportation quite easy, as well as an inflation hose that will make filling this thing up no chore at all.

Also included is a floating chlorine dispenser, but you will have to purchase chlorine tablets separately. As well, extra filters can be purchased separately.

The included filters can be cleaned, but if you are not about that life, go ahead and purchase extra filters in bulk. Either way, you will have to replace the filters every few weeks.

This spa is for use in warm weather only. The pump is not designed to handle sub-freezing temperatures. When the nights get cold, but temperatures are above freezing, keep the pump and heater running.

A constant flow of water will stop it freezing. Otherwise, water will freeze and when water freezes, it expands. This will burst your pipes. As soon as the nights are continuously below freezing temperatures,

Since it is portable, you can easily pack it up and take it on extended vacations. It will fit easily into any small car or other vehicle along with suitcases.

The Intex Pure Spa Portable Bubble Massage Spa sells for around $400.

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