The Importance of Sculptures and Art in your Garden

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Art in your garden will compliment your plants in a very unique way.

Sculptures and art in any form will add meaning that the plants alone can not elicit from the garden guests.

These added pieces of personalized “art” will trigger positive memories and for sure, touch those who experience your garden, at a much deeper level than expected.

Some have admitted that a well-designed garden with extra art components such as a painting, a bird feeder, or a sculpture, have brought them peace and inner joy, and have taken those enveloped by the garden’s contents, to a very special place.

garden buddha

Let Buddha raise you up


Connect to the Past

Adding art to your garden links you to the past.  The Greeks and the Romans celebrated the gods by replicating their forms and displaying them in their gardens.

Look at the Renaissance gardens in Italy and you will feel like you are in a garden museum.  These statues are placed among well cared for plants in order to appease the spirits and create an atmosphere of positive energy and harmony.


italian renaissance garden sculpture

Venus reigned supreme in gardens, and is still evident today.

You might not find her in marble but for sure she still exudes the garden powers even though she is made from cement.  Hopefully you are a risk taker like she was!

venus de milo garden statue

Diana was the goddess of purity and virtue and she will definitely bring peace to your space.

She also represents “the hunter” and you can see her up close and personal in the Granada garden in Spain.

Huntress Diana garden statue

Maybe you need to convey strength and intelligence, so look for a statue like Mercury for your garden.

He was the Roman god of eloquence, skill, trade, and thievery.  He presided over roads and helped departed souls get to Hades.  It looks like he collects a levy in the process, so save your coins.

Mercury garden statue

For you, your outdoor space might be about the greenery first, prior to purchasing statuary.

What perennials do I buy or replace, and where would they look their best in my garden?

But for some, the garden art might be the priority.  Let’s say you own a beautiful treasured piece of driftwood or a giant limestone boulder.  You probably would place that first in your yard and then add the plants later.

Feelings of Well-Being

Statues or art for your garden is often treated similar to a family pet. They remind you of “family” and that sense of belonging.

These objects are often loved and cherished because they help place you in perspective with the “big” picture of life.  They give you meaning and hope.

They become friends and some people even literally speak to not only their garden plants but the other objects within the garden gates.

Gnomes for example have been around for a very long time.  Small stone statues representing Priapus, the Greco-Roman fertility god, were placed in Roman gardens.

They again became popular during the Renaissance in Europe, and later in Germany in the early 1800’s.  Whether they were made of ceramic, stone, or wood, these tiny human like figurines seem to eventually help people feel better about whatever might be troubling them.

Gnomes have been thought of as “good luck” … a small person watching over you, your family, and your property. After spreading their good will through Europe, they became very popular in America in the 1930’s, after Disney’s animated film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

German garden Gnomes

Your Place in Society

Some say that there is a “snob value” attached to garden statues.  These statues are outside your home for all to see, not hidden behind the curtains.

They might tell your neighbours and passer-bys that you have money and status.  The bigger they are and the more you have, the more important you must be. They are meant to be seen, admired, and envied.

They are almost like a membership to an elite club.  Statues and garden art, tell the world around you to look at you and place you on a pedestal, because you must know something about beauty, design, and art.

Hidden away in Cornwall in the United Kingdom, the Lost Gardens of Heligan await you. This botanical 19th century garden will take you into a world of mystery and magic.  You will experience the unexplainable!

The Lost gardens of Heligan

Release Your Creativity

The Jardins de Métis on the south shore of the St. Lawrence river are like many gardens and also unlike all of the others.

Elsie Reford created gardens in this area between 1926 and 1958.  She worked 15 acres around her beautiful home into a unique biosphere along a great river not far from the Atlantic ocean in eastern Canada.

In recent times, a landscape architectural celebration happens on this property open to all for a small fee.  Landscape architects come from all over the world and create a most creative garden that must be interactive for the audiences to experience.

These gardens are today at the cutting edge of landscape design.

Jardins de Metis

Popular Trends

Whether your garden is simple or extravagant, whether you love flamingos or peacocks, animals seem to be trending in 2018.

But, what is important is that you care.  You care about plants, animals, people, and the world around you.  You want to make things better and more beautiful.  You want to inform and education through gardening.

All of that is great and the world needs you no matter where you live.

Elk on Stone garden statue

Check out what one “gardener extraordinaire” does with garden sculptures, statues, and art … he goes by BeachBabyBob on, and his garden is located in Ontario, Canada (near Toronto).

BeachBabyBob is in love with rocks of all shapes, types, and sizes  Even though his wife says that there is no more room in their garden for any more plants or sculptures, Bob recently added a giant dolomite (limestone) boulder and a tree knot, to his front garden.


For more creative ideas, watch BBB’s video below, and keep gardening!!!

large limestone dolomite with

The tree branch with the “loose” knot is behind the boulder closer to the house.


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