IGotTech Magnetic Screen Door Review

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Biting insects like horseflies or mosquitoes are sure to put a damper on your outdoor fun, but it is even worse when they invade the safe zone: THE HOUSE.

It’s virtually impossible to keep them out when you’ve got guests coming and going in and out of the door constantly.

Having to open and close a door constantly can be a headache and put a lot of unnecessary stress onto the door itself.

You deserve to leave your main door open as you please, without having to worry about letting bugs into the house. Not only are they a nuisance, but some bites and stings produce wicked allergic reactions.

A screen is a great solution! By adding a screen barrier, you can enjoy the breezy fresh air and summer scents (freshly mown grass, anyone?) and keep all the bad stuff out.

However, screen doors retail for two hundred dollars or more, and that is outside of a lot of household budgets. When a screen door isn’t an option, try a magnetic screen!

IGotTech Magnetic Screen Door Review

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Today we review the IGotTech magnetic screen, which sells for around forty dollars and is far more convenient than a screen door, because it is removable, and physically flexible.

Fitting a doorframe of up to 34×82 inches, the IGotTech magnetic screen door is the solution you have been searching for. The measurements go from outer edge of the Velcro to the opposite outer edge.

Of course, you can customize it to your doorway size by cutting the mesh down, sewing it up, and reattaching to the Velcro using an industrial-strength adhesive.

Or, if the screen is too long, for example, you can fold the top over and feed a curtain rod through it.

The screen is composed of high quality, durable, heavy mesh, but is light enough that you can see through the screen. It also allows for airflow.

Open up that big door and let some sunshine and fresh air into your home!

Particularly in older houses, where the screen openings are smaller, adding a screen door can greatly improve the air quality and temperature, and you’ll be able to listen to the glorious sounds of the outdoors.

velcro magnetic screen door

The magnetic screen door has many advantages over a hinged door. Hinges tend to break down over time, becoming noisy, requiring maintenance, while a magnetic screen is virtually noiseless.

And because it consists of hanging fabric, and does not sit on a frame, it is impossible to slam! There are twenty-six magnets sewn into the reinforced edges, which add weight and keep the screen sealed tightly when not in use.

The screen is guaranteed to never break and never have a gap. However, the mesh is extremely lightweight so you can walk through over and over without encountering resistance.

This can come in handy when entertaining in the backyard or anytime you have your hands full.

For these reasons, we recommend this screen to people who do a lot of backyard entertaining.

In fact, going in and out repeatedly, and tossing the screen aside, will create an ideal momentum that allows the weighted magnets to fall together and seal the screen shut.

The magnetic screen is an ideal solution for pets, particularly for outdoor cats or dogs who can let themselves in and out. This will free up a lot of your time.

And if you have an indoor cat who you don’t want getting out, then sew up the bottom seam.

This will leave a slit that you can still walk through (but we recommend you let your cat outside sometimes, they like it).

Kids also love this screen, but take care they don’t escape without your noticing.

The IGotTech screen is a much cheaper option than a door, and can be installed in myriad doorways on any type of structure.

As winter approaches, you should remove the screen. You likely will not need it, anyway. The mesh screen can be removed by separating the Velcro, while the adhered frame remains attached to the doorway so you can easily reattach in the spring.

i got tech magnetic screen door review 2016

Installation is very simple. First, take note that there must be a one-inch overlap on all sides to install the Velcro.  Make sure that your screen does not obstruct the path of the main door.

For example, if your main door opens inward, then you should install the screen on the outside of the frame. This is also applicable to sliding doors.

All you have to do is adhere the Velcro to the outside of the doorframe. Minor modification can be made while the adhesive dies.

Finally, secure everything into place using the supplied tacks. The adhesive should be strong enough on its own, especially for a metal frame that can’t be nailed, but adding some tacks – especially across the top – will ensure it stays put.

The packaging provides a link to a Youtube tutorial to ensure you install the door correctly. The Velcro is super heavy duty, of the highest quality, and reinforced.

Check out this video review of the IGotTech magnetic screen door:

Once installed, you’ll be able to bring your groceries in and out of the house without difficulty, your dog can come and go as needed, and you’ll be able to enjoy the contentment that comes from a fresh breeze.

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