Husqvarna 125B Leaf Blower Review

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With this article, we review the 125B leaf blower by Husqvarna, a tool crucial in the process of winterizing your backyard.

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While some people enjoy the process of raking leaves and the exercise it requires, others may have mobility issues that make it difficult to rake manually.

Alternatively, some of us have too many additional projects that take up our energy and time in the fall, and this causes the falling leaves to build up continually.

It is very important to clear your yard of fallen leaves, as this will make your yard look lovely and clean in the spring when the snow melts. If you fail to remove leaves, they collect moisture and rot right there in your grass.

This makes for a stinking mess that only becomes harder to clean the longer you let it sit, and eventually turns your yard to muck. Don’t wait until spring to clean your yard: save yourself the headache and disappointment by investing in a leafblower.

A leafblower is a very handy tool that enables you to get fallen leaves out of tricky places like corners of patios, or in the garden around your plants.

The Husqvarna 125B model is a lightweight, handheld blower perfect for use by both professional landscapers and homeowners. It has an ergonomic design making it comfortable and efficient for the user.

It comes complete with a flare nozzle for higher air speed, as well as a vacuum kit for vacuuming or mulching lawn debris including grass clippings and fallen leaves.

Designed with the user in mind, its stop switch automatically resets to the “on” position for easier starting. As well, its fan speed can be set for easier handle, and the blower tube length is adjustable.

This tool measures 14” by 9” by 38.5” and weighs just ten pounds, making for a very lightweight tool that is easy to maneuver. The sign of a good tool is one that does the job for you, with such efficiency that you forget about the tool itself and are able to focus on the job at hand.

Husqvarna is well-known for their quality yard products, with full lines of push and riding mowers, chainsaws and trimmers. Their 125B model leaf blower is a clever, effective design with state of the art ergonomical engineering.

It works like this: the blower tube is engineered to be in line with the handle, so that there is is minimized rotational force on the wrist.

This is great if you have a large yard or anticipate long periods of use: you don’t have to worry about sore joints.

This quality design makes it an ideal tool for not just professionals who would use this tool every day, but also for homeowners who may not recognize an ergonomically ineffective leaf blower.

It weighs only 9.6 pounds! The handle is adjustable and has a soft grip.

The leaf blower is capable as a lawn vacuum, and comes with a vacuum bag for collecting debris when in vacuum mode.

When using the vacuum mode, there are mulching knives to reduce the waste to smaller pieces and thus increase bag capacity.

If you are looking to remove wet leaves from your gutters, we recommend blowing them down to the ground and then vacuuming them up once they have dried, or else you will risk clogging the vacuum.

The engine uses 1.1 horsepower, has two-cycles, and a maximum power speed of 8 000 rotations per minute.

This blower is able to generate windspeeds up to 170 miles per hour, enough to blow away even the most stubborn yard waste.

It runs on gas but is highly fuel efficient, with a fuel consumption rate of 575 g/kWh.

Its tank holds 16.91 ounces of fuel and will sustain hours of use. It also has a cruise control function to maintain a constant fan speed, allowing you to complete big jobs without having to constantly regulate the blower speed. The blowing tube itself is fully adjustable.

Included with the blower are vacuum kit, harness, both a round and flat nozzle, and instruction manual. The tool measures 38.5” by 9” by 14”, the perfect size for a handheld power tool. All in all this is a great cordless blower that is powerful and easy to handle.

It will lessen the manual labour involved in winterizing your yard and cleaning up yard debris.

It is relatively quiet so you don’t have to worry about ear damage or bothering the neighbours. Its two-in-one dual function as both blower and vacuum make it a great economical investment.

The Husqvarna 125B leaf blower sells for around $200 and is backed by a two-year warranty.

Or, if you purchase this model along with three 32-ounce cans of Husqvarna pre-mixed fuel, and register your purchase online, your consumer warranty will be extended from two years to four years.

The warranty includes labour and parts.

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