Hanover Strathmere 6-Piece Patio Seating Set Review

The phrase “different strokes for different folks” means everyone is throwing a different party. Some people want to have backyard tea parties, others like to barbecue after a long day at work, some are birthday parties, some are simply gathering with friends for some relaxing drinks while the sun goes down. What do they all have in common? Party. That’s right. And what do you need for a party? Some music, alcohol, fire (including candles), and seating. In fact, your seating will perhaps be the make or break for a party.

Creating Your Dream Patio

Choosing backyard patio furniture will depend upon a number of criteria, such as: how many people, on average, do you entertain; do you plan to lounge outside, or eat dinner with the same pieces; is the furniture designated for a fire pit area; do you simply want something comfortable and attractive that will seat you and a few friends for some casual conversation and drinks?

hanover strathmere patio review

All of these can be furnished by a basic set of camping chairs, but let’s be honest and declare that those chairs just aren’t ideal for a party. They’re uncomfortable, unstable, and not very attractive. Instead, let’s look at elegant furniture with some bold colours, and perhaps bring ultimate luxury to the backyard. Patio furniture has come a long way: today your backyard can be as comfortable as your living room en plein air (that’s French for in open air). There are all kinds of designs on the market, but today we review for you one of the most comfortable, durable and gorgeous we’ve seen!

The Hanover Strathmere patio set comes with six pieces that include two roomy armchairs, a loveseat, two ottomans, and a table with a tempered glass top. This gorgeous collection is made of hand-woven resin in dark brown, with cilantro green cushions. It is a truly decadent set that will blend into any landscape or existing décor, while adding its own chic statement to your yard with its bold colour combination and contemporary shape. We recommend this one for ultimate comfort, outdoor relaxation and for adding some (more) beauty to your yard. It even comes with four accent pillows!

Hanover Strathmere 6-Piece Patio Seating Set review

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Strong But Comfortable

Each piece of furniture is made of resin, which is woven by hand around a reinforced steel frame, then topped with plush cushions that will swallow you up – perfect for a summer evening when you get home from work and just want to relax and admire the setting sun. These thick foam cushions are wrapped in olefin fabric, so they are resistant to stains, UV damage, and water. When they do get wet, they are very quick to dry. Also, their lush green colour will not fade in the sunlight! This is so important. What is more depressing than a faded old patio set? No one wants to touch that.

So not only does this set look great, it is also made of great stuff. The frame stands up to moisture and humidity without rusting. It is very important to consider rustproof patio furniture. Not only does rust indicate a degradation of the furniture, but it leaves a nasty stain. A nasty stain that can’t be removed, only painted over: this doesn’t work if you have a wooden deck. Who wants to paint their patio over and over again? This set sells for around $1300, and it is a $1300 well spent. Patio furniture is not something to be thrown outside and forgotten about: if that’s what you’re looking for, try some fold-up camping chairs. (Sorry for all the hate they’re getting – they really are great and portable but they’re called camping chairs for a reason). Patio furniture should be an investment in luxury and enjoyment, in comfort while outdoors.  The good thing about the Hanover set is that it is timeless in appearance, and holds up to different weather conditions.

Hanover Strathmere patio set

Let’s look closer at the table: the tempered glass top is actually a smoke tint, so it blends in very nicely with the dark wicker frame. The glass is inset, meaning it is worked into the wicker frame, rather than simply sitting atop it. The table also has a very convenient lower shelf, like any coffee table should. Some people like to stack books and magazines here; other people like to rest their feet here. You will probably want to detract people from doing so, but people are gonna do what people are gonna do. The rounded edges of the table are brilliant not just because it makes the shape more organic, but because people won’t be bumping their knees on the corners.

With the six-piece set from Hanover Strathmere, you will have resort comfort and luxury in your own backyard. It is a truly beautiful set with plush cushions. It will make you want to get outside and absorb that vitamin D in style!

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