Hanover Orleans 4-Piece Outdoor Lounging Set Review

When you picture patio furniture, what do you imagine? Some skimpy metal frames with plastic wrapped around them? Iron mesh? Muskoka chairs, or those frustratingly fragile wicker things?

Or, do you envision something grand, comfortable and luxurious? Perhaps a set that looks like you moved your living room to the backyard for the summer?

We all know the living room is the most comfortable room in the house, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the same level of cozy while hanging out in your backyard.

Now more than ever are there some seriously beautiful patio sets on the market, that will brighten up your yard, welcome guests, and add instant chic class to the patio.

Cozy Lounging For The Out Doors

Today we review the Hanover four-piece outdoor lounging set, and they don’t call it a lounging set for nothing.

You may have seen some nice patio furniture, but have you ever seen a set with glider chairs? Glider chairs are amazing.

They are the ultimate armchair, providing back support, armrest, and a comfy place to sit for a while, but gliders also have the advantage of moving.

They pivot from a centrefuge so that you can look around the yard, take it all in, and face everyone in the conversation. In addition to the two swivel-gliders, the set also includes a glass-top coffee table and three-seater sofa.

The colour scheme is absolutely stunning, and will look contemporarily complementary with any existing décor or layout, due to its natural tones of avocado green cushions and deep brown frame.

Hanover Orleans 4-Piece Outdoor Lounging Set review

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This set is a haven for rest and relaxation, as it brings ultimate comfort and luxury to your outdoor experience. It is big enough to accommodate a group, and is really built to last.

It will bring utter joy and pleasure to your backyard experience for years to come. It looks great on a wooden deck, near the garden, or next to the pool.

Let’s look at its construction. The frames are highly durable, made of rust resistant steel. This is perfect for outdoor weather.

The cushions and included throw pillows are stain resistant, and most importantly, UV resistant, so they will not lose their brilliant colour after sitting in the sun all summer.

Of course, despite these wonderful characteristics, we recommend bringing your patio furniture into the shed or garage over the winter, to prevent mildew-related damage or anything else.

The deep coffee wicker is handwoven, made of vinyl, making it weather resistant and UV protected. The table features a glass top, very handy for setting down drinks or books or plates, and there is a shelf below, for additional storage.

The table measures 43” by 26”. It top is tempered glass, which is five times stronger than regular glass. This set is really built to endure and last.

Hanover Orleans 4-Piece lounge chair

Super Comfy

The swivel rocking chairs are super comfortable, featuring thick cushions for deep seating. The cushions are polyurethane foam, which provides long lasting comfort while maintaining their original full shape.

The armrests are just the right width for supporting your arms while giving you freedom of movement. The wicker frame combined with the green cushions provide UV resistant pops of colour.

Best of all, the whole thing is rust resistant. This is very important to consider when choosing patio furniture, because rust not only indicates a degradation of the furniture, but also leaves nasty stains that cannot be removed.

The frame is made of heavy-gauge aluminum extrusions to remain rust-free for the life of the furniture. the vinyl wicker weave will stand up to UV rays and the toughest weather conditions without breaking down on you.

This set is durably designed, and very easy to clean. The cushions and pillows will also last forever, keeping their lovely vibrant green.

4-Piece Outdoor Lounging Set

Some Assembly Required

The pieces will require some assembly, so plan ahead. Give yourself an hour or two and line up each piece of furniture with according hardware before tightening everything.

Some folks have a bit of a hard time putting the sofa together, so borrow an extra pair of hands to help you line everything up.

We recommend loosely attaching all the screws, and when they’re all in place, then you should tighten everything into permanent position.

No one likes to put together their own furniture – if you do, good for you – but don’t be put off by the process! This is a beautiful set that provides ultimate comfort and relaxation, a second living room for you to enjoy in the open air of your own backyard.

It is also absolutely luxurious in a covered porch, providing the perfect little getaway in the comfort of your own property. Especially for outdoor furniture, you really cannot beat the colour combination of avocado green and roasted coffee beans.

The sofa is the perfect place to read to your kids, while the swivel chairs are the perfect spot for enjoying a novel to yourself. This set is master crafted, woven by hand, and all in all will be a beautiful addition to your backyard.

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