Hanover Gramercy 4-piece Wicker Patio Set Review

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This a review of the Hanover Gramercy 4-piece Wicker Patio Set. It’s a beautiful set of furniture for your backyard. It can be used for your next BBQ or intimate get together with friends and family. Everyone will find a place to sit with this conversation set and lovely coffee table.

Hanover Gramercy4Pc-Red Furniture Gramercy 4-Piece

Features of the Hanover Gramercy 4-piece Wicker Patio Set

  • Two matching arm chairs
  • Tempered glass coffee table
  • Matching seat cushions
  • Four decorative accent pillows
  • Weather-resistant fabric
  • Sturdy strapping wicker

Handcrafted Strapping & Steel Frame

The wicker surrounding this sturdy frame is made from handcrafted strapping. It’s 100% handcrafted, which gives it a beauty that cannot be denied. The polyethylene material is durable and easy to clean.

When your furniture is outside through all types of weather, it has to be durable and easy to clean. Mud and dirt will wash off your new furniture with a bit of soap and water. It won’t rust in the rain or fade in the sun. It’s doesn’t matter how harsh the weather – the wicker strapping will be sturdy and strong.

The wicker is wrapped around a steel frame. The heavy-duty steel under the wicker will keep the chairs and couch from collapsing. The legs are made from the same heavy-duty steel, too.

Colorful, Vibrant Cushions

The color of these cushions is steadfast and resistant to the weather. The cushions are made of foam that’s plush and thick. It won’t twist out of its original shape – no matter how much rain soaks into the material.

The cushions fit exactly to the frame, so you don’t have to use ties or Velcro to ensure that the foam cushions stay in the frame itself.

The cushions’ fabric is treated to resist the damaging rays of the sun. If you’ve seen faded materials, you know how strong the sun can be. It’ll leech the color out of any fabrics that aren’t treated to resist UV.

Each patio set is available in vibrant, wonderful colors to match any décor. It comes in Crimson Red, Brown, Navy Blue, or Country Cork. The cushions are 4” H x 23”L x 22” W.

Tempered Glass Table

The glass table has a thick tempered top that won’t break easily. It’s a lovely oval that is 1.8 inches thick. It can hold all your drinks and plates of food during a party. It’ll hold during storms like the safety glass in your vehicle. You could drag this into the garage during a storm, but you certainly don’t have to worry about it.

Tempered glass is a safety glass that can stand up to much abuse. It also comes out of the tracks to be placed in a location that’s safe from harm. If you have a storm coming where you’re securing your outdoor furniture, you’ll want to remove the cushions from the furniture as well as the glass from the table.

Matching Accessories

Whether you choose the Crimson Red or the Navy Blue, you’ll end up with cushions to match the two chairs as well as the couch. There are 5 seat cushions and 5 back cushions that will match beautifully. The matching seating also comes with 4 throw pillows.

They’ll match the coloring of the seat cushions, too. The design style of the navy throw pillows is called Kaleidoscope. Each set of pillows matches the color scheme of the seating. The red accents are in a color scheme called Poppy Red. The brown has two sets of throw pillows with different designs.


Most of the pieces are assembled. You only need to attach the parts of the frame to the legs. There are detailed instructions in the box. When it arrives on your doorstep, you’ll find that the box is massive and quite heavy. It’s also well-padded, so all your new bits of furniture are protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shipping weight of these items?
The patio set weighs almost 190 pounds when delivered to your home.

How long is the couch?
The couch is 82 inches long, 32 inches deep, and 31 inches high. The table is 46 inches long by 23 ½ inches deep by 18 inches high.

Can the cushion covers be removed for cleaning?
The cushion covers cannot be removed for cleaning since they don’t have zippers. It’s easy to brush them clean or use a bit of soap and water to remove dirt.

The Hanover Gramercy 4-piece Wicker Patio Set has all the furniture you’ll need for your backyard or deck. The accessories are incredibly detailed and thoughtful. It’s nice that the throw pillows are included to match the couch and chair cushions.

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