The Guardian Hot Tub Handrail Review

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The Guardian Hot Tub Handrail is a safety railing that makes it easy to get in and out of the hot tub. You don’t want to slip and fall entering or exiting the spa. Especially if you use the spa because you have back issues or arthritis. It could make a health issue much worse.

While you’re researching the type of spa or hot tub you want, don’t forget the accessories like handrails, spa covers, and hot tub steps.

They’re necessary for the full enjoyment of your hot tub or spa. In the case of this handrail, you’ll need it delivered before you fill the hot tub with water.

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Features of the Guardian Hot Tub Handrail

  • Steel construction
  • Powder coated
  • Swivels for varied positions
  • High lock location
  • No drilling required

Strong, Steel Construction

The spa handrail is built using strong steel. The plate used to hold up the railing is thick steel. Every part of the railing from the plate that holds the rail to the curved top is made of the strongest steel. You don’t have to worry about the steel bending or breaking. It’ll take a lot of abuse.

If you’re worried about the railing breaking while you’re pulling yourself out of the water, that doesn’t need to be a concern at all. The safety rail will never be the cause of a fall. It won’t bend or break due to the weight of the person using it, either. That can be a concern for some, and it doesn’t need to be.

Rust-Free Coating

If you are wondering how the railing will fare out in the sun and the elements all the time, the manufacturer has that covered. The powder coating used on the outside of the railing is meant to be rust-free. Your railing can sit outside all year long without becoming rusted or pitted.

Many iron and steel pieces can become rusted over time if they don’t have the right covering. That’s because they don’t have a powder coating on them. The coating is incredibly durable. It won’t be taken down by anything Mother Nature throws at it. This railing has the coating that will help your railing last for many, many years.

No Drilling

The long, wide plate on the bottom of the handrail slides underneath the cabinet of the hot tub. The weight of the hot tub is what will hold the handrail in place. The weight of the hot tub is leveraged to provide a sturdy base for the railing. It won’t slide out from under the cabinet.

This means that the handrail can be moved if necessary. All you need to do is remove the weight from the hot tub. You don’t have to drill into the side of the cabinet or into the deck. No drilling is required to install this handrail next to your hot tub.

Lock Location and Swivel

One of the best features of this handrail is the fact that it swivels. You might need help getting into the hot tub at first. The handrail can be turned in the direction it’s needed. There’s a knob that will unlock the handrail, so that it can swivel easily.

Once you’re in the hot tub, you might need help getting out of the water. The lock that allows the railing to swivel is close to the top.

Most locks are located too far to be reached from inside the hot tub. That’s not the case with this railing. You can easily reach the knob from inside the tub.

After the railing is moved into the right position, all you have to do is relock the railing. It’s easy to lock it into place, so it won’t move or swivel when you’re using it.

Empty Hot Tub Spa

The only thing you have to worry about with this railing is the fact that you need to slide it under the cabinet. It’s easier to do when the hot tub isn’t filled yet.

That’s why you should order this railing before you’re ready to set up your hot tub. It’s a pain to remove all the water to add this railing then refill the hot tub. You’ll want this in place before you’re ready to fill.

Final Thoughts

The Guardian Hot Tub Handrail is made of sturdy, strong materials. The steel won’t bend or break no matter the weight of the person pulling on it to climb in or out of the hot tub. It’s fantastic for those who can’t perform their own maintenance and installation like the elderly.

Some people need a spa for health reasons, too, and this railing will keep them safe without being hard to assemble and use.

If you want to invite your grandparents over to enjoy the health benefits of your spa, you won’t have to worry about them falling and getting hurt with this handrail.

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