Giantex Recliner Massage Sofa Chair Deluxe Ergonomic Lounge Couch Heated w/Control Review

Are you tired of watching Netflix in bed? Looking for your new favourite piece of furniture? Today we review an ultra-luxurious sofa chair that not only massages you by control, but is also heated for ultimate comfort. We hope your job lets you work from home, because you will never leave your house again. 
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This ultra plush hug of a chair comes in a warm brown that you can sink right into. Brown, the colour of the earth, ever stable, reliable, so very providing and safe. It is made of polyurethane leather with sponge padding, on a steel base. The dimensions measure 32” wide by 39-64” deep and 40-32.3” tall. The backrest adjusting angle holds you upright at 90 degrees or can sink back into a wonderfully obtuse 150 degree angle. We recommend sitting up while you eat, and giving yourself a good half hour before leaning way back.

The package includes the chair, a controller, a power plug and instruction manual.

Giantex gives you a deluxe ergonomic massage recliner for the perfect mix of comfort and relaxation. It is ergonomically designed with eight vibrating massage nodes. These nodes all have heating options, offering you the finest relaxation and comfort for your back, lumbar and legs. The simple design will fit right in anywhere in the home and its smart design provides beauty and practicality. The padding is of a high quality sponge pad that you will find in the backrest, seat and armrests. This is the perfect chair to come home to, ideal for relaxing the stiff muscles, general body aches, and tiredness. Heat opens things, and will open the muscles enabling them to relax, thereby eliminating your pain. 

No more expensive trips to the registered massage therapist or cramming yourself into a bathtub that only further cramps your muscles. The warmth and comfort is so soothing it will also ease anxiety, as the plush seat takes you into its arms and keeps you warm. You can comfortably nap on this chair or lift yourself up and walk to your actual bed. Either way, you will find that you are finally on your way to reaching higher energy levels, due to proper relaxation.

Just because it is so darn wonderful, we want you to know that the massage mat comes with an automatic shut-off feature. This will turn the massage cushion off after 25 minutes of continuous use (because we know you fell asleep).

This chair offers sturdy, ergonomic seating, a beautiful finish with PU leather, adjustable backrest and leg rest that allow you to recline at a 150 degree angle, so you can be outstretched for a comfortable sit. The leg rests tuck back into the bottom of the chair in order to save space when you are not using the chair (like you’ll ever not be using the chair). Eight vibrating massage nodes have different levels of vibrating intensity for your needs and preferences, and these include five massage nodes selection of pulse, press, wave, auto, and normal massage. The zones include back, lumbar, thighs and legs; each zone can be operated individually.
Together, the vibration therapy combined with heating feature make for the most perfect relaxing couch and masseuse all in one. The remote control makes for easy to change massage node. The heating and massage are controlled by remote but the actual recline is done manually. It reclines very smoothly and easily. You can use the heat without the massage feature on those cold nights when you want to watch TV in a warm spot but don’t want the massage feature on. We hope you live alone because everyone will be fighting over this chair and its amazing features.

We will clarify that this is not a rocking chair, but is very incredibly comfortable. It lays back almost flat and we guarantee you’ll fall asleep here once or twice, as the gentle heat and massage lull you into a dream of idyllic luxury. You can move the footrest up and then recline the back of the chair. The vibrations go right to your feet. It will stay in place no matter where you set the recline. It is firm enough to support your back but also comfortable that you don’t notice you are in a piece of ergonomic furniture.

If you happen to spill something on this chair, you can easily wipe away the mess as the PU leather is very easy to clean. PU leather is when the leather is split and polyurethane added.

There is a small bit of assembly required upon receiving the item but instructions are included and it is very simple to put together.

The Giantex Recliner Massage Sofa Chair Deluxe Ergonomic Lounge Couch with Remote and Heater sells for around $300.

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