Gemmy Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen Review

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Are you the master of epic parties? Is there a legend behind your name? Do you have standards to upkeep in the way of impressing your social group? No problem. We found you something to keep the crowd entertained and the crown upon your head.

Inflatable movie screens are the way of the backyard entertainment future. The Gemmy inflatable outdoor movie screen is lightweight, but don’t be fooled. It comes in a durable bag, from which you can pull the screen and have it inflating in minutes. All together it takes about ten minutes to set up, and around ten to fifteen to take down.

It takes some careful skill to get the screen folded properly and back into its durable storage bag. Some people find it more helpful to purchase a large Rubbermaid container and instead roll the screen or fold it their own way. Not all of us were good at Tetris, let alone Tetris with soft material. Rolling will also prevent any wrinkles.

Should you choose to fold the screen, it may come out slightly wrinkled. The wrinkles should smooth out once inflated, but rolling will ensure that there are no creases. It measures twelve feet high and nine feet wide. It is a widescreen ratio of 16:9.

gemmy inflatable outdoor screen review

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Preferably on a windless day, you can plug in the cord and the screen will self-inflate within minutes. The blowers are located in the bottom of the screen. They are pretty quiet, and their sound is easily drowned out once the audio is going.

The screen holds to the frame with buckles, and the straps are adjustable.

The screen comes with super handy tethers and stakes to keep it in place while you watch your favourite movies. Due to the nature of the material, and its lightweight construction, the inflatable movie screen is very susceptible to wind. You must use the included stakes and tethers, or you’ll learn the hard way!

Make sure to account for the stakes and tethers when deciding where to set up, as they take up some space and require earthy ground for anchoring. If you intend to use the screen on a paved or non-earthy surface, you will need to get some cement blocks that will weigh the screen and allow you to tie it down.

Set up does require two people just due to the sheer size of this thing. The screen is durable and large, but we recommend tying it down, just in case. This will ensure maximum comfort and minimal worry during the screening.

What’s really great about this screen is that it allows you to bring the theatre experience to your own backyard. Neighbours will watch with envy and curiosity, and you will save yourself the expensive cost of trips to the theatres. This screen will pay for itself in no time at all!

And since it’s so portable and easy to set up, you can host any kind of events in parks, campsites, etc., and charge admission. Or if you’re really nice, you can go ahead and have people over for free. The best thing about this inflatable screen is that you can have the entire theatre experience right in your own backyard!

You can cook whatever foods you want (grilled kebabs and ice cream cones, anyone), make alcoholic drinks (rare to find a theatre that is liquor-licensed), and sit all together with your friends. No more dealing with obnoxious theatre patrons kicking the back of your chair, or questionably stained, back breaking theatre seats.

Airblown Inflatable Movie Screen With Storage Bag Review

It may be tempting to try and play this indoors, but from its size and method of setup, you’ll have to rig up some way to hang the screen and keep it taut.

If you decide to keep on folding the screen into its storage bag, we found the best way to get everything in there was to first detach the screen and fold it into the bag. Unzip the vents where the fans attach, and allow the screen to deflate. Then grab the top centre of the screen and pull it between your index finger and thumb to get all the air out.

Tuck the deflated screen into the bag one arm’s length at a time. At the end, you’ll be able to fit the fans into either end of the bag, flat side out. Some people prefer to store the stakes and tethers separately, or at least in airtight bags, to keep the dirt off the screen.

Keep in mind that this is just a screen. You will need a projector to throw the video onto the screen. Projectors will come with hookups for speakers and cables to attach a DVD player or laptop. The Gemmy inflatable screen sells for around $240.

gemmy outdoor screen review

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