Game 3567 Underwater Light Show and Fountain Review

The Game 3567 Underwater Light Show and Fountain is great for many backyard parties where you want to light the pool or hot tub. Instead of having a motionless, dark body of water, you’ll have a features that will make everyone happy at your event.

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Features of the Underwater Light Show and Fountain

  • Battery Operated
  • Light Projected onto Bottom
  • Shoots Water in the Air
  • Colored Jets of Water
  • Varied Color Options
  • Measures 7 inches by 7 inches

Easy to Operate

The Underwater Light Show and Fountain is perfect for the still surfaces that need light and color. Instead of having a boring corner of the yard during a party, you’ll be able to add some drama with this fountain.

It’s simple to operate this light show. All you have to do is add batteries. The waterproof case needs 4 D batteries to operate. Insert the batteries and pick the pattern of lights you want.

The fountain and light show device will float on the surface of the water. Whether it’s a pool, a spa, garden pond, or a hot tub, the lights will create an incredibly dramatic light show for your event.

To save on batteries, the unit has a 1 hour automatic shut off. This will ensure that you don’t forget to shut off the fountain at the end of your event.

Color Changing

There are a variety of colors available in this light-up fountain. In total, you have 4 colors to choose from with this lighted display.

There are 8 patterns of lights available with this device. The lights on the bottom will project light into the water up to 15 feet. The lights on the top will illuminate the fountain arcs of water.

If you have a bit of wind in the backyard, you’ll be able to see the lights reflected in the waves on the surface of the water. It adds another dimension of color to the body of water.

Fountain with Lights

The fountain itself works along with the light effects. The arcs of the fountain spray approximately 2 feet into the air. The colored light causes the arcs to be lit in the appropriate color based on the pattern.

We love that the lights surround the water fountain completely. You’ll get lights hitting the bottom of the pool or spa, the sides, and the arcs of water as they shoot into the air.

As mentioned previously, if you have a bit of wind, you’ll end up with ripples on the surface that reflect light. Unfortunately, this could also lead to the fountain moving to the edge and spraying water over the side of the spa or hot tub.

To remedy that, you could simply add a bit of fishing line and a weight to the underside of the fountain. It’ll keep the fountain from moving around.

Suggested Places for the Fountain

If you’re wondering where you could use this fountain, we have some ideas for you. It’s great for events as we mentioned, but what kind of events? Where can you place this fountain to get the most drama?

We believe the pool is a great place for this fountain. We’d suggest two of them if you have a large, rectangle pool. One can be placed on each end of the pool. It’s also a great way to light up the pool so everyone sees it and avoids falling into the water.

The hot tub or spa can become a part of your outdoor décor instead of being hidden behind a fence. It’ll sit in the back or off to the side bringing much-needed light into the space.

A garden pond is another great place for this fountain. If you have a waterfall back there, you can use this to light the water that falls from there, too.

If you don’t have any outdoor bodies of water, you can bring some in especially for use with this fountain. A beautiful wooden barrel can be used as a temporary water feature with this light.

This is also a great feature for a pool when people are swimming at night. You can enjoy this fountain even when you’re swimming or soaking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the lights and fountain work separately?

They don’t not function separately. If the lights are on, the fountain is on, too.

Can the automatic shut off be removed/turned off?

There’s no way to turn off the automatic shut off on this unit. It’s meant to save battery life.

The Game 3567 Underwater Light Show and Fountain is a great addition to your backyard party décor. Guests will love the extra touch of the water and lights. They’ll be awed by the decorations. You can use this throughout the year for all kinds of events, too.

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