Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit Review

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A beautiful fire pit can be used throughout the summer months and long into a time when it gets cool during the day. You don’t have to head indoors as soon as the sun goes down when you have a fantastic fire pit.

Imagine sitting outside with friends and family close to a roaring fire in a stylish, bronze fire pit. You’re enjoying cold beers, roasted marshmallows, and fantastic company. It sounds like you’re on vacation, but you’re actually in your own backyard!

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Pros of the Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit

  • Durable steel construction
  • High-temp fire bowl
  • Stylish and detailed
  • Fire screen lift tool
  • Wood grate
  • One-year limited warranty

Cons of the Roman Fire Pit

  • Doesn’t come with cooking grate
  • Rain cover isn’t included

Technical Specs

  • Dimension 20 x 35 x 35 inches
  • Weighs 15 pounds
  • Metal: Steel
  • High-temp fire paint

Grate and Lift Tool

On the bottom of the fire bowl is a removable grate that makes it simple to place your logs in the pit. It has the added bonus of creating a slight elevation for the logs, so they’ll get plenty of oxygen. Your fire won’t go out because it was smothered on the bottom. This makes cleaning up after a fire relatively easy and quick, too.

When it comes to added accessories to make your life easier, this fire pit has a screen lift tool as well. The screen to hold in the embers can get blazingly hot. If you were to touch it barehanded, you’d be headed off to the emergency room. The company provided a screen lift tool to ensure that you’ll enjoy your time by the fire without injury.

Mesh Fire Screen

The fire screen is meant to keep the embers and ash contained within the fire bowl. You don’t want hot embers escaping, so that you’re battling hot ash when you should be enjoying your night. The fire screen will keep a lid on the embers while allowing you to experience the flames and heat from the fire itself.

The screen is made from one piece of mesh, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking at the seams. It can handle extremely high temperatures without melting or becoming brittle.

Brushed Steel Legs and Hammered Lip

The steel legs are a brushed, bronze antique finish that is stylish and beautiful. While many fire pits are plain black, this one will really stand out in your backyard. All your guests will be fascinated with the brushed finish of the legs and the hammered, antique lip of the fire bowl itself.

High-Temp Fire Bowl

In a fire pit, you need a bowl that can withstand extreme temps. The Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit has the raised grate inside to keep the fire from coming into close contact with the metal, but the bottom and sides are covered with a high-temp paint that’s specially treated to keep them metal from becoming brittle and hard from the intense heat.

You might want to add another layer of high-temp spray paint or a layer of rust preventative if you plan on leaving the fire pit outside throughout the year. A bit of preventative measures can ensure that your fire pit will last for years while looking as beautiful as the day you purchased it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the fire pit need special wood?
You can use any wood that is good for burning. It might be branches from the yard or wood chips from the store. You’re free to add any type of wood you want to your beautiful, new fire pit.

Are the legs detachable? I want to add this bowl to another structure already in place?
The legs come detached in the package. You can choose not to screw them into the base and use the bowl alone.

Does this come with a grill grate for cooking?
It does not, but you can easily measure a round grill grate to place on top of the bowl lip.

Will it rust when left in the yard all the time?

You should always cover your fire pit or turn it upside down so water doesn’t collect in the bottom. Over time, any metal can start to rust if left outside.

Can I use this fire pit on a deck?
It’s not a good idea to use any fire pit on a deck even if it’s made of composite. The heat between the bottom of the bowl and deck can get pretty intense.


The Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit is a vintage style fire pit with an antique bronze finish. It’s not like the standard fire pits you’ll see in many backyards. Your guests will be incredibly impressed with your choice of fire pit when you invite them over for drinks by the fire. You might even decide not to tell them where you bought it, so you can keep it a secret just for yourself.

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