FibroPool Easy Mount Handrail Review

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The FibroPool Easy Mount Handrail is perfect for indoor or outdoor hot tubs and spas. It’s constructed with the sturdiest material that can be exposed to the elements without rusting or wearing over time. The sun, wind, or rain won’t have an impact on the finish at all. In fact, you won’t have to remove the handrail when you shut down the hot tub during the winter, either.

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Features of the FibroPool Easy Mount Handrail

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy mount base
  • Slim profile
  • Hardware included
  • Lightweight

Sturdy Construction

The railing is made of the same kind of stainless steel used at public pools. Imagine all the people pulling themselves out of the local pool. That’s thousands of pulls a year. This railing is made of that same material, so it can definitely handle you as well as family and friends pulling themselves out of the hot tub with it.

The finish on the railing will never become pitted with rust or fade in the sun. It’s created to withstand all the elements. You won’t have to worry about removing the railing when you have to drain the hot tub for the winter, either. It can sit outside throughout the year without an issue.

The tube itself is 1 and 2/3 inches in diameter. That’s a slim tube, but you don’t have to worry about it bending. With the sturdy materials, that will never be a problem. People of all weights and strengths can use the handrail without it bending or breaking.

Easy to Install

The FibroPool Easy Mount Handrail comes with all the hardware for an easy installation. You’ll need some tools, though. The manufacturer suggests a 3/8” hammer drill bit for easy installation directly into concrete. If you want to install this on your wood deck, you can use a 1/4” drill bit.

If you’re concerned about the base of the handrail directly on the cement or wood, you could always install it onto a base that you fashion yourself. This will give you added security, but it’s really not required. There’s a base plate included with the handrail that will work very well.

Slim and Lightweight

The hot tub handrail is 22 inches tall by 30 inches long. When you’re looking for a handrail for your spa or hot tub, it’s important to measure the space. You’ll need to ensure that the railing can be reached by those exiting the hot tub. At the same time, you’ll need a railing that won’t be in the way when you close the cover.

At 22 inches tall, that’s less than 2 feet. This railing will work better for people who have a recessed hot tub. It can be installed on the deck or cement outside the spa that is flush with the ground, too. Keep all that in mind when you’re ordering your safety railing.

Some homeowners might want a railing to attach to stairs they’ve installed. There should be enough room on the step to install the base. The stairs should be permanently installed on the deck or to the hot tub cabinet. The railing should be sturdy, and that requires a permanent installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be secured to a wooden deck?
You can definitely secure this to a wooden deck. If you’re concerned about the mounting base digging into the deck, you could always make your own base. This will alleviate the pressure of the metal against the wood of your deck.

Will this work with a salt water spa?

The salt from the water shouldn’t be a concern with this hot tub railing. The salt will never have an impact on the finish of the stainless steel railing. It can withstand all kinds of environmental concerns. Whether it’s heat from the sun, humidity, salt in the air, or cold from snow, the railing will never bend, break, or be diminished.

Does this railing need to be grounded?
There’s this weird phenomenon surrounding pools and metal handrails. The metal near a pool can be a conductor for a small voltage of electricity. Fortunately, the voltage is small, but it’s not a concern with this handrail. It doesn’t need to be grounded.

Final Thoughts

The FibroPool Easy Mount Handrail is a fantastic safety handrail that can stand up to just about anything. While we don’t advise that you take a hammer to it, it can handle anything Mother Nature wants to throw at it. The railing is easy to install and will work with many recessed hot tubs and spas. As a reminder, you’ll want to measure the side of the hot tub or spa to make sure the railing will fit without blocking the cover.

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