Festool 571817 ETS 125 EQ Random Orbital Sander Review

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The 571817 model from Festool is not cheap and almost $200. People do buy this one though because of the brand name mainly. Buyers rate this one at 4.4 stars out of 5.

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In the wide world of orbital sanders, this Festool product is a good sander and worth having a look at it, especially if you are a fan of this well known brand. It is a very versatile product, is fast at stock removing of wood and probably one of the better one-handed models out there at the moment.

It is also compact and light so a good choice for doing either vertical or work that needs done overhead.

The manufacturer designed this one to be perfect for working on the finishing element of sanding. Although this one can quickly remove stock, it also has setting that are ideal for doing things like working on bare wood, or sanding in between coats.

Key Features of the Festool 571817 Sander

  • Feels really nice in the hand
  • It is compact and also light in weight – makes this sander ideal for overhead working or for working on cupboards
  • Has variable speeds
  • Ideal for better finish results
  • Delivers highly efficient dust removal
  • Fast and easy StickFix abrasive removal with resilient pad hooks

Who Would Buy the Festool 571817?

There are 30+ reviews at Amazon and this one has a very high rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. If you are someone who is looking to deliver a very high standard of finish, then this will be a very good buy for you. It is a 5″ sander and delivers super smooth results.

Many buyers have said that the dust removal on this is very good. Not many orbital sanders do that very well, so this one is a bit of an exception to the rule. This one is not cheap, but for those of you who want the perfect finish, then the investment is worth it.

It is smooth to use, as easy as we have used in terms of control, and if you hook this one up to a vacuum system then the dust extraction is wonderful.

Personally I would not use this one for aggressive stock removal, but would have no hesitation in using this one for those in between varnishing finishes, or really any type of finishing.

Summary and Verdict

We would quickly recommend this sander as it does a very good job on finishing. I would not buy this as my main sander as primarily I use a sander for stock removal, but I would as a finishing sander. The Festool sandpaper I have always found to be very good as well. If you have not used that before, then I would recommend giving it a whirl.

This is a good brand and they make very good products.

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