Felco F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner Review

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Felco F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner

Anvil Blade, Sap Groove, and More

This pruner features an anvil blade, which means it has a blade that closes against the anvil on the lower jaw. The anvil is made of softer metal than the blade and acts as a sort of cutting board. The other model of pruner is the bypass pruner that acts like scissors, with two blades passing each other.

This pruner also has a sap groove, and hardened nut and bolt to ensure exact adjustment of both cutting and anvil blades. It works well with light applications and is adjustable. The handles are lightweight and comfortable to use. The blades themselves are made from high-quality hardened steel.

Anvil pruners are good for cutting up old dead wood and the like, perfect for pruning old dead parts off our plants. You should always cut at a soft angle (less than 45 degrees) just above the node.

Clean & Precise with Lifetime Guarantee

This is a high performance classic model. It is a reliable tool that is comfortable and light, with sturdy handles made from forged aluminum with a lifetime guarantee. The ergonomic hand protection is provided by a cushion shock absorber with non-slip coating. The blade and anvil blade give a clean, precise cut with wire cutting notch and sap groove.

The wire cutting notch allows you to cut small wires without The sap groove will direct sap away from the cutting blade, thereby preventing gum collecting on the blades. This saves time and makes pruning easier by removing the sap and debris after each cut. We all know how irritating it is to have to wipe down a tool after each pass. You will get a clean, precise cut each time.

The angled head, handle shape, and non-slip coating all provide protection for the hand and wrist by optimizing any force exerted on the tool. There is minimized strain and impact on the wrists, with a rubber cushion between the blades. This cushion absorbs shock, making the tool a very comfortable and efficient one.

The classic design is one that has not changed in fifty years. The blade is replaceable. The handles have a red plastic coating that make your tool easy to spot in the garden, plus they are molded for comfort. The spring mechanism is covered by a metal sheath to protect from moisture, and is non-corroding.

Durable, Dependable Felco Pruners

This pruner is ideal for trimming rose bushes and woody perennials. Its careful design is apparent in its sleek shape, with rivets that are flush to the blade. This way there are no screw/nut/bolt that might scratch bark.

The cutting capacity is up to one inch. The blades have great cutting power, ideal for tough old branches. You can easily cut through 5/8” with the right pressure. Anything over 5/8” and up to one inch may require some rotating of the blades.

Felco quality is so well known and respected that you may come across many knock-offs made in China. You will recognize a true Felco product as all of their products are made in Switzerland.

While the price may be a little higher than other names, the quality is incomparable. The F-2 pruner will cut through just about anything you use it on. Cheap pruners will go dull quickly and leave a tear after each cut. This unclean cut will result in unhealthy plants whose additional stems may die.

The F-2 is well balanced in a way that allows the user to work longer and handle larger branches, and the blades will continue to leave a nice smooth edge after repeated use. You will get years of use out of the F-2 manual hand pruner. This pruner is well made with heavy-duty materials, and the blades are sharp.

The pruner will fit comfortably in your hand. When it comes time to replace the blades, you can easily purchase them down the line. Should the blades need to be sharpened, you can do so with a stone. Cleaning is effortless. Some folks with very small hands (smaller than a women’s medium glove) may have some difficulty handling the grips.

Watch Your Fingers!

The quality is so good that you will have to be focused at all times while using this tool, lest you lose a finger between those blades! These babies will take care of any clipping job in the garden and cut through thick limbs without twisting. This is a good solid feel that you will recognize as soon as you have the tool in your hand.

The lock lever may be small and tricky to manipulate with large gardening gloves, but when you are all done clipping you can take off those gloves and carefully lock the pruner. Be sure to clean the blades after each use.

The Felco manual classic hand pruner sells for around $50 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. All Felco products are proudly manufactured in Switzerland.

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