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Today we review the Decorum model of hot tub by Essential Hot Tubs, a wondrous 67-jet machine made of acrylic. If you are looking for a true patio party piece, this is the hot tub for you.

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What makes this model so special, you ask? First of all, it comes with a Bluetooth built-in sound system with subwoofer and two speakers.

Secondly, it can fit up to five or six people (that’s a decent sized hot tub party!) and has a lounger. In fact, it has several seating options to suit your preferences including the aforementioned lounger, captain’s seats, and an elevated seat.

Third, you can use it year-round. Few hot tubs boast this kind of power and have to be winterised because they cannot survive the freezing temperatures. Not this baby.

This is the ultimate spa experience with LED lights, a built-in sound system and comfortable seating, plus a ton of powerful jets that will massage and work the stress right out of you.

The Decorum uses a four-kilowatt Balboa stainless steel heater that is truly all-season. In addition, it has lights to jazz up your backyard spa experience, featuring a large custom-molded multicolour and programmable LED waterfall, LED lighted controls, three pumps and designer jets.

Welcome to luxury in the comfort of your own backyard, accentuated by party features like these lights to add a bit of razzle dazzle to the awesome experience. What more could you need from a hot tub?

Step in and land on the interior step which doubles as a cool-down seat, elevating you from the water and giving you a breath of cool fresh air.

As this hot tub uses a lot of power, you will have to get a certified electrician to install it as it uses 240 volt service. And by “a lot of power” we mean 67 jets total, breaking down to 51 two-tone stainless steel adjustable designer hydro jets and sixteen stainless steel air jets.

These high powered jets offer hydrotherapy to all the major parts of your body: back, neck, shoulders, seat, legs and feet. The jets are scattered around so you can have a full body massage experience.

Often we don’t recognise just how tense we’ve become whether it’s from uncomfortable positions in the workplace or from other strenuous labour. Here you can bring the therapeutic benefits of the spa to your own patio or backyard.

Simply hop in after a long day of work and let the jets do the work while you bathe in hot water and get a full body soothing experience.

You will enjoy rollover neck/shoulder jets and headrests in two captain’s chairs and back, seat and foot jets everywhere else. Say you have six people in the hot tub.

Sixty-seven divided by six is roughly eleven, meaning each person gets eleven stainless steel hydro and air jets working on their sore muscles at once.

A toy of this caliber must also come with safety features, of course: the Decorum hot tub comes with a heavy-duty tapered insulated cover with locking clips to keep it in place.

This makes the cover more efficient, as the locks are guaranteed to keep the cover in place.

The cover will keep the water warm while you’re not using it, so that when you want to jump in again, it’ll be up at your preferred temperature. The locking cover also protects your pets and children from sneaking into the hot tub.

This hot tub measures 36 inches tall by 85 inches wide and 85 inches long. Seven feet in length will accommodate five to six adults comfortably.

You can take your pick of full-body lounger, two captain’s chairs, or a cool-down seat. When seated, the 36-inch height will bring the water up to an adult’s chest.

Sometimes when immersed in hot water for long periods of time, it can create a lot of pressure on the chest and we may experience a faster heartbeat or breathing.

This is where the cool-down chair comes in handy: you don’t have to get out, but can continue massaging your legs and lower back while you give your heart and lungs a little break.

We can’t name too many hot tubs that come with a built-in sound system, but this one does. You can pair your Bluetooth device with the subwoofer and two speakers that are situated in the acrylic spa shell.

The cabinet is a classic mahogany wood-look that requires no maintenance. The spa components are easily accessed by removing the stainless steel threaded cabinet fasteners. It’s sure to get the party popping.

The spa operates on 240V for energy efficiency, and comes complete with a stainless steel heater, underwater LED light, ozonator, filter, spa steps and a heavy-duty insulated cover with locking clips.

With all of these amazing features and state-of-the-art technology, this hot tub sells for around $4600.

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