Electrohome Kinsman Jukebox Review

The Power of Rock!

Rock n roll music has its roots in blues, a style of music that developed from the suffering and hardship of plantation slaves in the 1800s. They sang in the fields to keep their spirits alive. Music has true healing powers. It is mathematical, but at the same time, entirely organic, free and intangible. In the lyrics, we see stories of poverty, deep sadness, and the sense that music is the only freedom or friend we have eternally. The power of the voice, to sing, is deeply cathartic. You know a good singer when they make you feel what they are feeling.

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Rock n roll developed in the late 1940s from African American styles like the blues, gospel and jazz. Mix that with some country-inspired guitar riffs, and you’ve got the beginnings of rock n roll. Of course back then, this music was a lot softer than the rock we know today. The 1950s marked the first decade of teenage rebellion. Rock music was a key theme in this scene. It was loud, noisy, and sassy. Lyrics were sad love stories or declarations of personal independence. After two world wars, people were ready to enjoy their newfound peaceful freedoms. Just like the song says, “Take a little bit of soul and really start grooving.” Music is a real healer; in any time of trouble if you start to sing, it may make you cry, but the movement of the voice will lift you into the freedom of a higher morale.

Traditionally, to enjoy music in public, you would go to see a performer or band live. They would play in bars and cafés and of course, music halls. However, the 1950s saw the rise in popularity of the jukebox, a machine that held a bunch of 45s. It allowed patrons to pay a coin for a song and select their tune of choice. A jukebox was a powerhouse, large, illuminated, and ready to pump out sound to an entire diner or bar of people.

Electrohome Kinsman Jukebox Review

Electrohome Kinsman Jukebox Review

Today we review the Electrohome Kinsman jukebox. Electrohome has been around since 1907 making quality products. This jukebox is a powerhouse that puts out a rich, warm sound to fill a room. If you are looking for authentic jukebox sound and quality, this is it! It features a retro look and idea, while accepting modern technologies. This jukebox can play CDs (including burned discs and MP3s), it has an FM radio, accepts USB drives, and has auxiliary input so you can play music from most any source including your smartphone. You can also charge anything via the USB port.

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The façade is thoroughly inspired by the look of jukeboxes from the 1950s, with illuminated casing. The cool thing with this jukebox is you can customise the lighting, which is composed of blue LED. It will take you right back to the mid-century decade, a simpler time when people got their kicks putting nickels in such a music machine. The cabinet is all wood, retro-styled, housing four high performance speakers that put out a crisp guitar and pounding drum. The sound quality is unbelievable. The lighting is controlled by remote, and gives a neon glow to the space. It makes a great party accessory for its ability to serve multiple purposes. It also has chrome pieces, making it authentically 1950s. It will look great in a mancave or any hip space! The outer lights light up and change colour. The CD player has a rainbow light effect.

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Keep in mind that it can only hold one CD at one time. For the price, it is a wicked deal for such a fashionable stereo. It will pull together any retro theme you have in your space while providing ambient lighting that will bring nostalgia and enjoyment. If you are looking for party ideas with this, consider have a big old milkshake party! Invite some friends over to make milkshakes and burgers on the barbecue. You could even encourage guests to dress up in 1950s style clothing to add to the atmosphere. It works great for any place you need a focal point that will tie in with a retro theme. It would especially work great in any vintage or retro-themed store, or a restaurant. If you just want this for your home, it makes a great home stereo. Consider putting it in your living room with a few mid-century inspired pieces like a starburst clock or a low-to-the-ground sofa.

A stand can be purchased separately. This jukebox stands four feet tall without the stand. If this is going in your home, a stand is not necessary, but if you are getting it for a larger space, like a restaurant or area with high ceilings, perhaps the stand would be ideal. The Electrohome Kinsman jukebox sells for around $800.

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