Dura-Trel 11178 Providence Arbor Review

Why Arbors Are Great

Nothing states an entranceway like a path flanked by columns. Ancient cultures revered the threshold as a symbolic passageway that welcomed the guest(s) into the hospitality and protection of the home or temple. We don’t suggest that you offer a sacrifice each time someone crosses into your yard, but the intrigue surrounding entranceways perseveres today.

Dura-Trel 11178 Providence Arbor Review

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Traditionally built to establish an entryway, arbors act as doorways. They add grandeur and height to any space by adding a structured frame around a focal point: the destination. We will even go so far as to say they add some mystery and intrigue by creating gentle division. Arbors separate what lies outside and what lies within, adding a touch of romance to the landscape. For example, tradition has it that a new groom will carry his bride across a threshold as a symbol of exiting one existence and beginning a new life together.

Arbors are either archways, or two columns or pillars joined by crossbeams. They can hold a gate or be left open. They are especially favourable in narrow areas or small yards, for they frame the entrance and add height, allowing the homeowner to build up. This opens up many possibilities when used in a garden, as the homeowner can plant ivy or other climbing plants, or suspend plants and decoration. Not only do arbors add privacy, by acting as a less obtrusive wall; they also add depth, and can separate themed areas of the yard.

Consider the function of your arbor. Will it be the destination? Will you add seating beneath the arbor? Will it stand at the point of entrance, gently guiding your guests down your garden path? Arbors can also create a sheltered, shaded area. They can be wonderful accents next to a garden or used to create a private sitting area. It is human nature to be drawn to shelter; throw a party and watch guests gravitate toward it. It holds the promise of sanctuary, something special and heavenly. Arbors are elegant and bring a calming presence. They make us wonder, is that arbor closing something off, or opening something up?

Arbors can either be made of live branch wood, lumber, iron, or plastic/polyvinylchloride. Live branch arbors look beautiful and stay true to traditional, rustic form, but do not hold up to weathering very well. Lumber requires a lot of tools and skills to design, cut down, and piece together. It is very costly to have a professional carpenter build and install an arbor for you. Luckily, there are pre-fabricated alternatives that you can easily put together yourself, that will stand the test of time, and provide a sturdy framework for your vines and plants to grow.

Dura-Trel Arbor Review

Today we will review a widely popular arbor, manufactured by Dura-Trel in the USA. Standing eighty-five inches tall, twenty-eight inches deep, and sixty-four inches wide (with a forty-two inch walkthrough width), it is the perfect addition to any yard, wide or narrow. Constructed from polyvinylchloride, this is one sturdy arbor. It stands on 2×2” posts and secures to the ground using sixteen-inch steel anchors. The strength of these anchors enables the arbor to hold weight such as climbing ivy, grapevines, and hanging planters. If you have children, it would be prudent to cement the anchors into the ground, as children are prone to climbing things and may become injured if the arbor is not secured. That said, it is not built to hold human weight.  The arbor is strong enough to survive harsh weather conditions like rain, wind, and snow, and comes with a twenty-year warranty. The PVC contains a high concentration of titanium dioxide, making it resistant to ultra-violet rays, fading, cracking, and peeling.

The pieces come flat-packed, but everything is pre-cut and pre-drilled, and comes with all hardware. Building this guy may require two people, as the job requires precise alignment and securing, but can be done in a single afternoon.

To assemble, begin by levelling the earth. Align the posts with the stakes and secure them together. Then add the lattice panels, and attach the top beams. You will have a grand yard accent in no time.

This arbor looks great in a garden, front yard, or backyard. Vinyl requires no maintenance to keep it looking new, other than the odd spray-down with the garden hose, as dirt tends to splash upward.

Arbors can bring aesthetic elegance to your yard, but there are many practical possibilities for incorporating the arbor into some backyard fun! While the arbor is permanently installed, you can decorate and redecorate it however you choose. While the PVC will stay fresh and looking new for years, it is more likely that you will decorate it. For country charm, grow vines upon it. Adversely, suspend tealights for an evening garden party. Use it as a finish line for a scavenger hunt. The arbor can serve as a perfect photoshoot backdrop, too. The possibilities are endless!


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