Duck Covers Elite Chiminea Cover Review

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Duck Covers Elite Chiminea Cover

Today we review the chiminea cover by Duck Covers. This chiminea cover is guaranteed to protect your chiminea from rain and wind, and keep out any nesting critters.

Due to the company’s reputation for high quality products, this is one of the most popular chiminea covers on the market. It weighs just under 13 ounces but is one of the strongest protective covers out there.

It is highly recommended you cover your chiminea when you are not using it, no matter the season. Summer can bring unpredictable rain and fall brings dead leaves and other dust. The winter has freezing temperatures and snow that will be detrimental to your chiminea. Spring is the season of hope and new beginnings, when you will maybe catch a warm evening and want to sit outside to enjoy the chiminea. The cover is part of the winterizing process for a chiminea, and if you complete the process effectively, your chiminea will be in great condition come spring so that it is ready to go.

It is called a Duck Cover because it emulates the way a duck’s feathers repel water. Ever heard the phrase “like water off a duck’s back?” That is the effect this cover will have on your chiminea.

This cover comes in a lovely cappuccino tone. It is 100% waterproof, and is made of the same material that is used in all Duck Cover’s patio furniture covers. The cover is very easy to use. It is made of a lightweight material that is very easy to fold, so when you are not using the cover, you can easily store away the cover in the shed.

It comes shipped in a sturdy package with instructions and swatch on the outside.

Keep in mind that you should only apply the cover once the chiminea is fully cooled. Simply slip it over the chiminea like a glove onto a hand. It comes with extra-long tie down straps that you can use to secure your patio chiminea cover. The cover fabric is fairly thin, but don’t be discouraged. You will find this to be a substantial cover made of strong material that does not tear. It will protect your chiminea from harsh sun and from heavy thunderstorms.

This is a breakthrough protection that will keep your chiminea looking like new. The material is multi-layered, designed to create superior airflow between your cover and the chiminea, which will eliminate condensation. Condensation creates mildew.

Duck Covers do not crack or fade over time, so you can use it as much as you want without worrying about sun fading or other damage. It is ideal for all weather conditions. This is important to keep in mind if you plan to leave your chiminea out of doors all year long. Ideally you would bring the chiminea into a shed or garage but we recognize this is not always possible.

This cover measures 48” x 28” x 12”. Be sure to allow for some wiggle room when considering the measurements of your particular chiminea. You will want to use it when the chiminea is not in use to protect it from debris or rain, but you will also want to include it in your winterization ritual. This should begin with a thorough cleaning of the belly (remove all ash with a trowel or broom or vacuum). Then apply the cover. This way when spring comes, the chiminea will be entirely clean and ready to go without dirt or damage.

A waterproof cover is important for the chiminea because water will cause damage. A cast iron chiminea is prone to rust, and clay chimineas are prone to cracking. Because clay is porous, it will absorb any moisture that touches it. This moisture will then expand as it freezes and cause the clay to split or crack apart.

If you want to test how well this cover works, you can leave some dry kindling in the belly of the oven, and then cover the chiminea before it rains. When the rain has stopped, remove the cover and check the wood for any moisture. Duck Covers guarantees this cover to act like the feathers on a duck’s back, that repel water completely by making it roll right off. Water- and weather-related damage is entirely preventable with a fairly inexpensive purchase.

Some covers will get stiff in the winter and then crack, rendering them ineffective. This Elite chiminea cover by Duck Covers lasts well through the rain, wind and snow. Its long ties at the bottom guarantee it will stay in place, as you can tie it to the legs of the chiminea.

The Duck Covers Elite chiminea cover sells for around $30, and comes with a two-year’s manufacturer’s limited warranty. Considering how inexpensive it is, especially compared the chiminea manufacturer’s cover prices, this is a great investment for protecting your outdoor fireplace for seasons to come.

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