Disguise Frozen Elsa Costume Review

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Since its release in 2013, Disney’s Frozen has been ridiculously popular. Even if you’ve never seen the movie, you know the title, or at least have seen the characters somewhere. There have been all kinds of fantastic costumes and things for kids to enjoy. We say, what about the adults?

Elsa, The Snow Queen of Arendelle, is a young princess in a fantasy Scandinavian kingdom. Elsa has the power to produce or control wintery elements such as frost, snow, and ice. Elsa discovers her powers at a young age but hides them from younger sister Anna. Later, when Anna is grown and ready to marry, Elsa does not give her blessing and instead has an emotional outburst, which results in her casting eternal winter over the kingdom. In fear she flees the castle and lives in hiding, while Anna sets out to find her and make amends.

The whole thing culminates in a final climax where Anna’s fiancé turns out to be a throne-seeking bad guy and casts a spell on Elsa, in attempt to freeze her solid, but Anna jumps in between, sacrificing herself and catching the curse. Elsa mourns her, and Anna begins to thaw, since her sacrifice was an act of true love. It’s amazing that wicked magic is always reversed by good intentions and pure hearts. This teaches Elsa the lesson that her powers can be better controlled when used with love, so this enables her to thaw the kingdom. The two sisters mend their relationship. If only the White Witch had learned this valuable life lesson!

As per usual with Disney plots, this movie is sweet and can be enjoyed by all ages. It teaches children the importance of sibling bonding, selfless love, and reminds adults of the noble act of sacrifice in the name of those we love.


Frozen Elsa Costume For Adults by Disguise

And that’s why we’ve reviewed this Elsa costume for adults! She is, after all, 21 years old in the movie. It can be used for a Hallowe’en costume, or even better, a winter party. There are all kinds of events and holidays in the winter season, but throwing a purely Frozen themed party is reason enough for celebration! Any kid or adult who loves stage or on-ice productions will love wearing this out for the night. This beautiful costume dress is bound to bring a smile to anyone wearing it, and to all who see her wearing it. Teachers looking to win over their students, take note! Put on this dress and you will instantly feel like and become The Snow Queen (a character based on an old Hans Christian Anderson story).


The Disguise Elsa costume is a perfect replica of the character’s outfit, making it instantly recognizable and authentic. Features include glittery snowflakes and swirling patterns, a sequined bodice, and sheer sleeves with attached cape. It is so authentic that, when paired with a long blonde braid, kids will think you’re the real character! The dress is great for anything involving kids like face painting or Christmas parties. The frosty blue and white tones match Elsa’s movie outfit perfectly, and is licensed by Disney so you know it’s reliably true to her character. It’s just as well as picking it up at the Disney store!

Easy To Clean, But Be Careful


It is made of 100% polyester, making it very easy to wash. We recommend keeping it out of the dryer to protect the glitter and shrinkage. Seriously. This thing sparkles. And if you put it in the dryer, you’ll be picking sparkles out of all your socks for months to come. You may also want to hand wash it in the sink, or use a laundry bag for delicates before tossing it into the washer. The glitter will not only wash off, but potentially pose a fire hazard if it clogs your filter.

When you receive the costume, perhaps open it outside and shake off any excess glitter (set the tone for the wintery princess you’re to become). We recommend storing it in plastic, too, to prevent glitter loss. Don’t fear the glitter. It will only add to the effect of the costume, sparkling like frost and snow while you move. So cool!

The sheer overlay has snowflake and icicle designs for a winter princess look, shimmering and frosty with silvery blue colours. As well, the sequins in the bodice will catch the light and reflect them like sunshine upon freshly fallen snow. This is a truly magical, authentic, Disney-licensed costume, perfect for any winter event.

It tends to hit most adult women just about mid-calf, while it falls to the floor like a gown on younger girls (children or pre-teens). It comes in small (size 4-6), medium (8-10), large (12-14) or extra-large (18-20). Be sure to accessorize with some silver or white shoes, and a long, single braid (or blonde wig)!

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