Diensday 7 Piece Outdoor Patio Furniture Set Review

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Here, we are reviewing a seven-piece sectional patio furniture set by Diensday.

This luxury outdoor furniture set is ideal for the patio, porch, poolside or garden to enhance your outdoor experience.

You can create an outdoor living space in which to enjoy a book in solitude, or relax under the sun with some friends.

Diensday 7 Piece All-Weather Cushioned Outdoor Patio Pe Rattan Wicker Sofa Sectional Furniture Set Garden Pool

Included in the set are two corner chairs, four middle chairs and one coffee table. This lounge set features a slim, low-profile cushion for an ultra modern look.

The cushion covers are removable and washable. They come in a neutral beige. The stark contrast of the beige cushions on black wicker is stunning and very modern while maintaining classic chic appeal that will impress any and all guests.

The classic style combined with quality craftsmanship will endure the ever changing trends and hold up to regular usage for years and years.

Diensday is a top designer and manufacturer of high quality patio furniture sets, each piece being carefully designed and tests for optimal performance.

Wicker has been long favoured as the ideal patio furniture material. Its weave allows for airflow to prevent the user becoming overheated or sticking to their set.

Additionally, wicker is very lightweight, making this sectional patio set easy to rearrange whenever the mood strikes. Each strand of wicker is meticulously handwoven and handcrafted.

The wicker is black and mixed grey. It is made of durable and long-lasting polyurethane wicker rattan weave for an ultra lightweight furniture that is easily reconfigured according to your patio layout, needs or personal tastes.

The frame itself, while exceptionally durable, is also lightweight so you can rearrange the furniture for a weekend gathering and move it back to where you had it, all with incredible ease.

The dimensions are as follows:

Corner section: 29.5” length by 29.5” width by 25.2” height
Middle section: 29.5” length by 26.4” width by 25.2” height
Coffee table: 26.4” length by 26.4” width by 13” height
Seat cushions: 25.6” length by 25.6” width by 3.94” height
Back cushions: 25.8” length by 13” width by 3.94” height
Seating height, with seat cushion: approximately 17”

Altogether, you will receive 8 back cushions, 6 seat cushions, 4 middle sofas, 2 corner sofas, one coffee table, and one instructional manual with mounting hardware. There is some assembly required upon receiving the set.

It should be noted that the coffee table is not designed for storage; you can set the table over something or slip storage boxes beneath it, but there is no interior base and the lid does not open up.

The steel frame will hold up to all weather conditions, but we recommend bringing the cushions inside during rainfall. Since they are made of sponge, they are not very waterproof.

The wicker used for this patio furniture set is a high quality, synthetic plastic wicker also known as PE, or polyurethane. It is much more durable than natural wicker, which is prone to cracking and splitting over time as it becomes very dry and brittle.

PE or synthetic wicker is UV resistant, weather resistant, and will hold up to weather and weight for years and years to come.

As far as weight limits go, the wicker combined with steel frame make for an incredibly strong set of furniture. For the corner sofa, middle sofa and ottoman, the weight limits are 330 pounds each.

The weight limit on the coffee table is 50 pounds. You can use it to set down a book and a few drinking glasses but be careful not to sit on it or overload it with, for example, cast iron candlesticks or décor.

It is designed to hold drinks and perhaps snack plates but certainly do not exceed the weight limit. You will find that persons 175 pounds or lighter will find the cushions quite comfortable, but exceeding this number, the cushions will be less comfortable over a period of time. For example, an hour. You may want to invest in other cushions if you are over 200 pounds in weight.

This patio furniture set will arrive at your home in three boxes. There is assembly required, so be prepared to do some work. All in all this project will take about three hours to put together, and you will need hand tools to do it.

This intimate experience, however, will give you a closer look at the workmanship so you can know that the set will last for years to come.

The wicker will hold up to storms and sun damage. The frame is solid and the cushions are comfortable. The wicker weave is tight; very well done. Assembly instructions are included but assembly is rather intuitive.

It is best to first lay out all the pieces and figure out where they go, and then use a power drill on its lowest setting.

You will likely want to purchase furniture clips or Velcro to hold the cushions in place, as they may slip around atop the wicker.

This set sells for around $600.

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