Deckmate Sonora Chiminea Review

We decided to take a quick glance at the Deckmate Sonora Chiminea as a possible addition or centrepiece to a relaxing backyard patio layout.

Now, for those that might be wondering, a chiminea is a portable outdoor fireplace.  They are typically made from earthenware, but more modern versions come in a variety of materials including cast iron. You usually recognize them by their signature “lightbulb” shape and the fact that they immediately make any patio setting unbelievably cozy.

The Deckmate Sonora chiminea is particularly highly regarded for being a well rounded product (pun intended), making it suitable for both the backyard connoisseur as well as someone just starting off. Built by Bird Supply Xperts, the Sonora weighs in at a hefty yet still portable 75 pounds, consisting of a lovely cast-iron body with a rubberized bronze heat-resistant finish.


The design is certainly eye-catching, sporting a full 360 view screen to spread the heat to all your guests regardless of chair placement. The fire chamber features a sliding door and ash catcher for easy fuel loading and cleanup.

It also comes with a handy log grate and fire tool to make sure you are ready to go as soon as you unpack your chiminea, the only thing required being the fuel.  In terms of weather-resistance it is always wise to store a chiminea in a shed or garage over the winter.

Luckily their portability makes it particularly easy!  In the short term, however, it is well equipped to withstand the elements and take it’s place as an adornment in your backyard.  You won’t need to worry when it’s raining as the cap on top ensures water does not drip down into the chamber.

The only thing to take into account with the cast-iron models is that they do require some maintenance here and there.  It mostly revolves around replenishing the temperature resistant coating to avoid having rust appear.  Worry not, however, as it is quite an easy application and we have a guide prepared to help you through exactly that.

All in all, the Deckmate Sonora Outdoor chiminea packs quite a punch on every front ranging from design to product quality and, surprisingly enough, it does so within a very fair price range.

Usually between $150 and $200, this item delivers a lot for the price quoted, which is why we’ve seen seasoned backyard aficionados praise it and also why we wholeheartedly recommend it as a starter to anyone wanting to get some fire to spice up their patio!


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