Deckmate Corona Outdoor Chiminea Fireplace Review

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Looking for something to keep you warm during summer nights? A backyard accessory that will also provide light and even cook food for you? Firepits can pose safety hazards, and for this reason, are illegal in many cities.

Barbecues are great for cooking, as they use flame method which adds a very nice smoky flavor to the food, but barbecues give off a lot of undirected smoke and their fires can get out of control. A great synthesis of the firepit and barbecue is a chiminea, which is a pot-bellied, free-standing chimney.

Chimineas were invented in Mexico over four hundred years ago as a means of cooking food and providing warmth. You simply lay some logs in the bowl and start a fire, and then insert the cooking grill to cook your food. They have a chimney stack atop the bowl, which effectively drives smoke out the top and away from you and guests.  Chimineas are safe alternatives to firepits and barbecues because the flames are contained.

Traditionally, chimineas were made of clay, but recently more and more manufacturers are making them from cast iron. Cast iron is an extremely durable material that, unlike clay, is not prone to cracking, and can stand very high temperatures. The only danger is that a cast iron chiminea will become very hot while in use, so you must be careful that pets and children do not touch it.

We highly recommend a chiminea for your backyard. It will add a lot of fun to family dinner time, as well as make for a great backyard party feature. What’s more is that you can gather round it in the evening for warmth and conversation.

Today we review one of the best cast iron chimineas out there: the Deckmate Corona.

Deckmate Corona Outdoor Chiminea Fireplace Review

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Deckmate Corona Outdoor Chiminea Fireplace Review

This fireplace features cast iron construction, designer embossing for visual flare, and wire mesh screening to allow the escape of heat, and to allow you to view the fire from all angles. Watching fire move is very entrancing and comforting. You can use real wood logs or artificial logs. Standard 16” logs will fit this chiminea. The door slides, making it very easy to add fire fuel.

The chimney stack comes with a cap to prevent flooding by rain. The Deckmate Corona chiminea stands thirty-five inches high; one inch short of three feet. It weighs thirty-five pounds as well.

This freestanding fireplace will turn any backyard into a comfortable, welcoming, warm place for friends and family to gather. The mesh screening on the bowl allows for a 360-degree view of the fire, so everyone can enjoy it from all angles and can be seen from any point in the yard. The mesh screening prevents embers from flying out and causing injury.

The stack helps direct smoke up into the sky, which is a very helpful feature when it comes to a nebulous, uncontrollable substance like smoke. A regular firepit is subject to whichever way the wind blows, and the smoke’s direction can change at any moment. This makes for a very uncomfortable experience! We cannot boast about the chiminea design enough.

What’s best is the stack comes with a rain cap that will keep out water and debris. The mesh will also ensure more even burning as air is able to get at the logs from all sides.

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A chiminea is a feature that can be used three of four seasons of the year: spring, summer, and fall; its flames will keep you warm late into the evening. Indeed, this is something that makes a lovely housewarming gift or addition to any yard, as it will make outdoor relaxation a reality. The colour of this chiminea is a classic tone that can match any other décor or landscaping perfectly.

Chimineas require maintenance, but they are fairly simply to take care of. All you have to do is routinely shovel out the old ash and sand lining. Chiminea manufacturers recommend lining the bowl with sand before laying logs. The sand will catch any embers and ash, and insulate the bottom by absorbing a lot of the heat. After the old ash has been shoveled out, you can wash the chiminea with mild detergent and water, and allow it to dry thoroughly.

This chiminea comes with a poker that makes it easy to open and close the door (the metal will be too hot to touch); the poker also is used to move the logs around and spread fuel.

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Please keep in mind that the chiminea becomes very hot while in use, and should be placed upon a platform of bricks or upon a concrete patio. It would be unwise to stand it upon the grass, as embers may escape and start a fire. You can also simply buy a grill mat which sits under the chiminea and acts as an insulator.

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