Crosley Rocket Bluetooth CD Jukebox Review

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We all know that a party just isn’t a party without the tunes, but it depends how you play those tunes. The last few years have seen a massive increase in the enjoyment of good old records and jukeboxes as vintage style has become more popular than ever. But what’s awesome about the jukeboxes manufactured today is they not only play CDs, but can also connect to Bluetooth devices, so you can play virtually anything you desire.

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We recently wrote an article on how to host a 1950s party, and this jukebox would be the perfect addition. And not only would it be a great party trick, but will entertain and last you years and years. It has enough power to entertain hundreds of your friends, with the attention to detail and nostalgic quality to be enjoyed in solitude. An IPod just won’t do it, and sadly, neither will a regular old CD player. It’s best when the classic, well-made goodies from the old days combine with the advanced technologies of today to bring great sound, classic enjoyment, while maintaining relevance in a changing modern world.

Today we review the Crosley Rocket jukebox, a modern manufacture with the retro aesthetic of the late 1950s. What is better than something inspired by the old days with attention to the needs of the new world? This jukebox will work perfectly in any party setting, the garage, the basement, your living room, wherever you damn well please! This is an actual jukebox, no joke. It looks like it was taken right out of a 1950s diner – but it has the advantage of modern technology! It features gorgeous rainbow fluorescent lighting around the speaker and ultrapure sound amplification.

Crosley Rocket Bluetooth CD Jukebox Review

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Do you want to win the award for Best Gift Ever? Because this jukebox will win you that award. It is great for the music lover in your life, and it’s also a great treat for yourself.

It has some seriously beautiful features, including vintage lettering, illuminated parts, a rainbow-lit speaker, and with overall gold and red tones. Wood paneling covers the sides, while the illuminated Crosley logo graces the front. This jukebox really has a presence, and can be the focal point of any party with its festive colourful lighting and significant size.

You can stand it in your living room or bring it on the patio for a summer party, especially if you’re throwing an old school party! Crosley is a well known and reputable manufacturer of turntables. They also make telephones and other technologies inspired by early models of the inventions. It’s classic, it’s kitschy, it’s quality, it’s fun.

Let’s look at some of the jukebox’s technical details. The Crosley Rocket jukebox stands 55” tall, or four and a half feet, while measuring 30.75” height and width square. It has an eighty-disc mechanism, and flip display title track. With a D4 digital amplifier, you’ll be enjoying the sweet nostalgia of the thing while enjoying modern quality sound. Eighty discs! You can throw almost your whole collection in there. It’s like a giant iPod with better sound quality and more fun.

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The sound system boasts 60W RMS per channel, with two tweeters for high-range, two mid-range, and one twelve-inch cone bass speaker. This baby will kick out the jams like MC5 wanted you to. It even has connections for up to six external speakers so you can throw the biggest party on the block and everyone you didn’t invite will hear how much fun you’re having! It also has Bluetooth technology, which enables you to play music from your handheld device without use of wires.

For example, if you have a cellphone, you can turn the Bluetooth on. The device will then send radiowaves to the jukebox, which, when set to “Bluetooth,” will pick up the radiowaves and play the sound. It also has an auxiliary input, and a remote control for easy navigating.

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Altogether the jukebox weighs 286 pounds, so it is a hefty machine that will remain stable and solidly in place, and will probably take a couple peope to move. It is made in the United Kingdom by hand, using quality materials. It is then crated and shipped internationally. The quality of materials is top-notch, and the machines are made by hand with attention to detail. This is no made-in-China-of-cheap-materials-by-people-who-don’t-care. This is the good stuff!

Crosley listens to the people and takes note of what music lovers want internationally. What’s best is you can count on a Crosley jukebox to stick around for years and years and years. Quality construction means durability over time, with a continual output of top-quality sound. This gorgeous music center is designed from the classic cabinet to retro lettering with detail in mind. Not only does it look simply amazing and fantastic, but it pumps out 300 watts from the stereo speakers. Simply load up your favourite CDs and enjoy!

The Crosley Rocket jukebox sells for around $9 000.

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